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kezs Oct 23, 2005 6:22 PM


my dsc-p100 started showing some serious sensor dirt after a couple months of use, like so many p series I've seen on the net. I took it to the repair shop here in brazil, and because sony doesn't offer worldwide warranty coverage (!), they wanted the equivalent to US$ 76.50 just to clean it. I find that outrageous, so I thanked them and said I wouldn't do it. I just got it back, and it seems to me they did clean it, but when I refused to do the job, they got it dirty again on purpose. that's really serious, and I'd like your opinions on the following pics. the first one was taken right before I left it with them, and the second one right after I got it back. do you think my suspicion proceeds?


note that auto levels was applied to bring the dirt up.

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