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dragonluvr Nov 1, 2005 6:08 PM

I'm not sure I am wording it the correct way, so please bear with me on this.

I'm just getting back into my photography (seriously again) and it's been many years since I've really thought or had to think of the shutter speed and aperture, which I want to start doing again.....

but I've forgotten!!! Can someone give me the basics again of how to figure all of this out? if there is a webpage that does a good job with it, please list it. I'm not wording it correctly on my google searches.

eric s Nov 1, 2005 8:32 PM

The absolute basic, rule of thumb is that if you're focal length is X (say 200mm) then you want the shutter speed to be 1/X (1/200th.)

But that is a HUGE over simplification. Your intent with the image can override this rule (and should.) If you're shooting on a tripod you can use a slower shutter speed. If you use IS you can use a lower shutter speed. If you are taking an action shot (without a flash) you probably need a higher shutter speed.

And aperture control shutter speed, optical quality of the shot (usually reducing the aperture/increaseing the f-stop will improve optical quality) and the size of the depth of field.

Does that help?

Feel free to ask more questions, we're a nice group of people that way! :)


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