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hey there folks.

been wondering bout this so figured id ask u.

ive played around with Nikon SLR's and Canon SLR's and they both work brilliantly, they both take awesome pics, they both are fairly easy to use, and they both are brilliant pieces of machinery.

my question is, if liek me someone is a soon to be SLR owner, how do they choose between the 2 brands when both brands have camera's of equal quality and performance in similar price ranges.

what makes u choose one over the other if u dont own any lenses. because i am stumped on which to choose.

im eager to see what has made u choose one over the other.

thanks in adnvance for your replies.

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Old Nov 9, 2005, 4:17 AM   #2
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Try to get your own hands on each of the candidate cameras, and get the feel of them for yourself. There's no substitute for 'hands-on' experience,even if it takes time & effort & money. A heavy camera might not feel heavy if it sits nicely in your hands, and the converse is true as well.Also, it's a matter of personal preference.

In the olden days of 35mm SLRs, some swore by Nikon (built like a tank), and some by Olympus (built like a sports car). Both ranges were excellent cameras (I used both), but I could never guess in advance which of my friends would be devotees of one or the other. Do your own thing! Have confidence in your own judgment!

Happy hunting!

Alan T
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Old Nov 9, 2005, 7:44 AM   #3
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As AlanT said, it's the ergonomics that should make up your mind at this point.

Canon or Nikon, chose either and you will not go wrong. Try to get to a store and actually handle the models from each manufacturer and see how they feel in your hands. One will probably *feel* better than the other.

Unless there is a specific lens or other option/accessory that you *need*, then base your decision on the one that *feels* best in your hands.

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Old Nov 9, 2005, 8:34 AM   #4
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thanks for the replies guys.

yeah ive played around with both canon and nikon.

and they both feel awesome in my hands.

i find them both easy to operate and easy to snap shots with.

i guess ill need to look a bit deeper like maybe into how many Mp i would like and go for the best option in that class within that budget as they both feel and handle brilliantly in my hands.

i guess in that regards, the scales r leaning towards the canon.

thanks again for the replies.

will keep u posted as to whihc one i choose.

cheers for now.

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Old Nov 9, 2005, 12:39 PM   #5
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I generally agree with all that was said above.
I'll also say this:
A Camera is a tool. Many treat it like a holy object (which brings about the war of words around which is "better".) They shouldn't. It is a tool.

For me, I did the research between the Nikon D100 and the Canon 10D. I looked at their interfaces, the quality of the images, the features (which were subtly different) and concluded that to me they were basically the same.

So then I looked at the accessories. And then things changed. I knew that I'd want a big lens. I'm talking a 500 or 600mm lens (I have a 600mm f4 now.) So I looked at the quality of the lenses and then things got different. In the lenses that I wanted (around 400mm to start with and then larger lenses later) the Canon were cheaper across the board. By a lot in some cases. And the quality was so close to the same as to be insignificant. And Canon had better AF motors in the 100-400, the Nikon 80-400 is really slow focusing. I do wildlife photography, so this matters a lot.

I purchased the 10D.

So what I'm saying is look at the total package. Think about what you will do with the camera and look at the equipment that works with that system. Because it is a "system". If you do Macro... look at the macro lenses. But also consider ring lights. How well does the system handle flash exposure (I've read Nikon is better than Canon in this department.) Looking at the entire package might make the decision much easier because you'll find something that you care about that really is different.

As an aside, I thought I should say that I generally advocate staying with the Camera system that you already have equipment for. If you like what you have, the camera bodies come out in a staggered rate where one catches up to the other. Lately Canon has been ahead... I expect (HOPE!) that Nikon will passes them and Canon is forced to innovate. If you have inherent knowledge based on your use of a camera system, that should not be ignored. You need to consider the cost of that loss of info when you switch. For some that isn't worth much, for others it means a lot. You have to decide.

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Old Nov 10, 2005, 5:26 AM   #6
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thanks for the reply eric.

much appreciated.

i think im def gonna do the comparison of accessories prices as u have done.

im sure that will help in my decision.

cheers for now.

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Old Nov 10, 2005, 9:29 AM   #7
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Also look into the service you'll get after the fact. I've had both brands of camera's you lited above. Service from one company was pretty good. Service from the other was worthless. If you want me to tell you who was good and bad PM me, as I do not want to start a war over the level of service I recieved.
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Old Nov 10, 2005, 9:36 AM   #8
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you have a PM. :|
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I tend to get into these things on a whim.

My brother and my best friend both have Nikon systems, but back in the day - when I was in the market for a film SLR I saw a Canon I liked and got it.

When it was time to go DSLR I could have gone to Nikon, I didn't have a lens collection worth saving, but then I saw the 20D when it came out and DING. I just loved it and bought it.

After I'd bought it I compared it to everything from the other manufacturers and was interested to see that it was the best thing going at the time. But like eric says, they're tools, and I don't HAVE to have the best toys, I just have to have the ones I like.

Now though I do have a commitment i.t.o. the system as I have dropped some cash on lenses and flash, etc. So I'm probably "stuck" with Canon for the foreseeable future. Doesn't bother me though. I could just have easily ended up with Nikon. On reflection though I do prefer the range of options available in the Canon lenses.
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