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Are there different lens filters for film versus digital cameras? I went to BH Photo
and under lens filters, they talk about 'film' filters. Can I use these on digital cams?
A sidelight- What type of filter should I use for shooting in a gymnasium? Flouescent?
Thanks, John
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You don't mention what kind of camera you are using. In a lot of situations you can use the white balance controls on your digital camera to do the same things that filters, and different types of film, do in film cameras.

When you go to the gym try changing the white balance settings and see what happens to the imge on the camera's display. You can also mess around with this at home and outdoors to get an idea of what white balance does.

Simply put, outdoor shots can look "too blue" to a camera without a good white balance. Indoor incandescent light tends to look orange to a camera, and lights in a gym can look green, or orange depending on what kind of lighting is used.

Some cameras allow you to set white balance manually.Point the camera at something that's supposed to look white or neutral gray, press a button or two, and then the camera will use that information to balance the subsequent photos taken in the same lighting. When the lighting changes, create a new white balance.
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A lot of the filters you will find for film, are colored filters meant for use with b/w film, and are not going to do any good with a digital camera. Some, such as polarizing filters and ND filters, work the same with both. Some people use a UV filter as a lens protector, which, since digital sensors are not sensitive to UV light, is all they really do anyway.

Shooting in a gym can be tough- search some of the threads about blurry indoor pictures. Try setting the White Balance on your camera to tungsten, or find out if your camera can do custom WB, and create a setting for the gym lights.

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With a digital camera you wouldn't likely want to use any filter in a gym except maybe a UV filter to protect the lens. I prefer as few air to glass surfaces as possible, so I don't use a UV filter to protect the lens. If you do that get a good quality coated lens.

Most of the digital cameras I have used will handle most lighting situations in automatic white balance quite well.

If I think the light might be too tricky for the automatic white balance I use the manual mode described where you aim the camera at a pure white or gray target and set it. Not all cameras have that capability.

I find it is pretty hard to tweak your WB settings with the LCD unless they are way off. Many cameras don't offer the ability to set anything but daylight, shade, tungsten etc.

For a digital camera I find polarizers and graduated neutral density filters can be useful. A polarizer will act as a standard neutral density unless you want a lot of light reduction. Other than those, I think you have a lot more control in an image editor.

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Thanks all for replying. I have the nikon d70. Strictly an amateur here and am leary(sp?)
of messing with too many things at once. Sounds like I need to orient myself to the White Balance thing. LOL.
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