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early last year i sent a picture into http://www.picture.com in hope of winning the 10 g cash prize held up for stake

Numerous events have taken place since i entered it, first it got published in a book called 'endless journeys" that went on for sale in may last year

today i got a letter from them saying that i got nominated for the biggie prize

2 thoughts came to mind?.... is it a hoax? i'll wait and see.

the 2nd one was.... wonder if steve is up to a small contest here alone with say a $500 prize or something... after all in here we have some fantastic hobby photograghers world wide. Just a thought but would love to get some feed back on it etc

for those interested this is the pic. some here have seen it before


or you can view the rest of them at


the site is strill far from finished as it's still under construction and will be a ongoing saga for time to come

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It is a scam.
Just do some web searching and you'll find all you need to know.
They are trying to convince you to buy the book and bascially don't get it printed until they they have enough orders that they make the desired money. That can take a year or more. So you'll end up over paying for a book with your print in it.

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it's a big fat scam! don't get suckered in by it. they send that email to everyone who submits a photo. i didn't buy the book because i knew that it was a scam after doing some research, but they emailed me recently saying that i was nominated for the big prize too. it evens goes as far to say that i have to book a ticket to the US to claim my prize. bloody ridiculous, but heaps of people are suckered in to it.

oh yes, i also got an email saying i had won a pin and to send x amount of dollars to get it. do a search for the international museum of photography (or something like that) in google.com and you will see all the threads about the scam.
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yea taraeif,EricI just sent a letter back to them saying i can't get my butt there anyways, so please accept it on behalf etc. had a feeling it was a scam thing. thanks for your replies guys and gals
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