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Ive taken apart a few different cameras now and they all use these really tiny mesh gears to work the focus most are usualy jammed up because a small piece of sand gets jammed in the teeth. Anything can get in there a windy day or a good day outside can jam these things up. I wonder if belts wouldnt be a better idea? I know VCRs use belts and they seem to work a little longer, belts are way more forgiving then these fine mesh plastic gears. I know over time belts slip and rot but i think ide rather have that then some dust jamming up the gears and causeing errors.
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the problem there is the size. Belts made of rubber need to be of a sufficient thickness to have strength not to stretch and break. To be in the camera they would have to be very thin and small and would not be very good I think. Belts also need tension on them, so a tensioning mechanism with springs and such would need to be built in. Just not practical.
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Constant jerking to different directinos would make system realyl sloppy which would mean much slower focusing.

Needed precision is something entirely else than in technology stone age VCR.

And camera has to be sealed as tight as possible in every case, you don't want dust inside lens.
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