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I'm new to digital cameras having used a fully automatic 'film' camera at concerts for years,

I've got a Samsung V6 and wanted to know if I could use a high speed memory card with it?

Anyone out there that can help?


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The term "high speed" can be somewhat misleading. You've got a wide variety of card speeds available from different manufacturers, and it would be hard to find one labeled as "slow" ;-)

But, just because you buy a 66x card (probably the most common speed for SD cards anymore), doesn't mean your camera will take advantage of it.

You can also see a lot of difference between performance between different cards, even if they are rated the same. Sometimes you do run into compatibility issues.

Unless you can find another V6 users that's tried a specific card and compared it to another one, there no good way to tell (unless Samsung maintains a list somewhere). Even then, card manufacturers can change components without changing a card's model number.

I'd probably get something like a Sandisk Ultra II (66x) and see if it works OK or not (my guess is yes). But, that doesn't mean it will be any faster than their standard cards in your camera. I'd probably avoid the newer 133x cards (just because I've seen more compatiblity issues with the newer generations of cards in consumer cameras).

Most non-DSLR models have relatively slow interfaces to media. So, faster cards tend to show diminishing returns in speed once you get to a certain point. But, some newer non-DSLR models are starting to be a little faster with writes to media. We haven't reviewed the V6, so I don't know what to expect.

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Thanks Jim,

Really appreciate your answer.

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