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BowerR64 wrote:
The MX1200 has a little sensor on the front that meters the light the A120 doesnt have anything so i think it does it a little differnt.
It's probably for measuring reflected light during a flash exposure.

Non-DSLR models normally use the camera's main sensor (the same one providing you a live feed to the LCD and the same one capturing the final image) to meter the scene.

When you see a separate sensor on the front of a digital camera, it's normally used to measure reflected light during a flash exposure. A separate sensor is better because the main sensors used in digital cameras are too reflective to meter from during a flash exposure like film cameras could do with off the film metering.

Most digital cameras don't work that way for flash exposure, though. Instead, they use a very short preflash to help gauge the length of the main flash needed. It's so short, most users don't even notice it. This is not the same thing as a preflash for redeye reduction or autofocus assist purposes, it's a metering preflash.

It sounds like the MX1200 probably doesn't need a metering preflash (thanks to a separate sensor). But, that shouldn't have anything to do with the metering differences you see for non-Flash photos. It's probably using the camera's main CCD sensor for that.

Each camera is going to behave a bit differently. You'll have metering algorithm differences, tone curve differences, etc., even when using models that that let you make identical settings for ISO Speed, Aperture and Shutter Speed.

A lot of parameters impact image processing.

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See i asked for a new digital camera for christmas and my dad got me this POS from heartland america it was a quickclix 3185. It was a total POS but i thought it had a problem because the pictures were so bad then i took some outside and they didnt look to bad. I sent it back and they sent me this fujifilm. It took like 2 months or so to get it in the mean time i was buying used broken cameras off e-bay and fixing them up. By the time i got this fujifilm i already had about 6 good ones, or atleast better then what i got.

These are the images that quickclicx took.

The V1 and the canons are good.
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I cannot remember where I copied this from
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