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picsgalore Feb 20, 2006 7:23 PM

Just wondering why video cams can take zooms up to 30x and more and also
allow for still pics. Why can't still cams do the same for zoom?

I know it may be a rather stupid question but I'm not that technically knowledgeable! Or is that obvious?

Quick comment on latest Kodak camera-Z612 with 12 X optical etc.-seems too good to be true so you know what they say about that! About only thing it won't have is a 28mm on low end. Price is good also, esp. for Kodak. Any comments?

Thanks to any who might answer. Great Forum. Thanks Steve.

vwmom Feb 20, 2006 11:01 PM

You would need a LOT of equiptment stabilization..

As for camcorders.. I've never totally understood the ones that have 30x+ zoom.. What's the point of recprding something you can't hear?...I have 20 times I think on my cam.. and thats MORE than enough.

Corpsy Feb 23, 2006 10:46 PM

A decent, modern still camera takes images that are more than 2000 pixels high. Video is only 480 pixels high. Because of that, video cameras don't need the same kind of clarity that a still camera does, and therefore can use cheaper and smaller lenses. The smaller the lenses are, the easier it is to get a very high zoom on a small device.

Still images from video cameras simply cannot compare to images from a dedicated still camera, even if they have a higher megapixel rating. My Canon digital camcorder can take 2 megapixel images, but because of the way a video ccd works, only the green channel is recorded at that resolution. The red and blue channels are only 1/4 the resolution and upscaled.

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