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I've had a sony cybershot point and shoot digi cam for a little under a year now and it's already starting to break (The mode dial, to be specific) This is my first digicam I've ever had (and only one) and i was just wondering if most cams start to break after a year or so. I don't use it to much, just on vacations (2) and a couple other special occasions, but not frequently, which is why this issue upsets me so.
Also, would you reccomend buying from sony again?

Any Help is greatly appreciated

P.S.- If it should have a greater life expectancy, does anyone know if this would be covered in the warranty (the model is: Sony cybershot dscW1)
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Most cameras usually have a one year warranty, so check yours and contact them before it expires.

After I bought my P&S four years ago, a 2MP Fuji, I read that people had problems with it. The camera's lens goes in and out when you turn it off/on. People had complained about it getting stuck and they can't use the camera anymore. I've had mine for four years and it still works fine. I also used it a lot and got a lot of mileage out of it (10K+ shots so far). So in the end it's a crap shoot.

As far as buying from Sony, in general I trust Japanese camera companies, but I prefer "real" camera companies (Canon, Nikon, Fuji, etc) over electronics companies.

Check out Steve's Digicam list if you shop for one, but hopefully you can get yours fixed under warranty:

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Old Mar 9, 2006, 4:32 PM   #3
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I'd take it to Sony... I had my p71 for just over 3 years.. and it was going strong when I sold it.. Though a little slower than when it was new. You should get 3-4 years out of any camera when taken care of, before noticing damage and/ or age.
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Old Mar 12, 2006, 10:42 AM   #4
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We have a 3-4 year Fuji 2650 that still works like it did when it was new. It is very slow, and the coloring is not fantastic on it, but for an econmical digital of the time, it worked fine, and still does today.
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i have my trusty old olympus c4040 thats been at my side for a good few years, and its in fine shape, its had knocks and bangs and hasnt been treated with kid gloves.

gotta olympus e300 now as well whats treated with a bit more respect !!

they are pretty robust things and as long as u dont drop them or emerse them in water they should work for years, dirt, water , dust etc can cause probs with dials

have your vacations been near sand and wind (the beach)?? as thats not good for any camera

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Old Mar 16, 2006, 1:08 PM   #6
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If the electronics is going to go bad, the defect will usually show up within a month or so. Barring accident or abuse, long-term failures are usually the result of accumulated dirt or worn out contacts, switches, sticking mechanical parts, that sort of thing.

Digital cameras are no different. Aside from a few extra hot or stuck pixels on your imager, you can expect the electronics of your camera to perform much as it did when you got it throughout its useful life. A lot more of these things become obsolete than break or wear out.

My advice also would be to send the camera in for warranty repair; the switch should last longer than one year.
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August of 2001 my wife bought me a KODAK DX3215 digital. I thought darn that works kinda good for such a toy camera. When my Son shipped off to IRAQ I sent it with him as I upgraded to DX7590. That little rig worked the entire time he was oveseas. Time to come home he packed the rig in his seabag and came on home. After unpacking he found that it no longer worked. I was thinking about sending it to KODAK for trade in but thought why?, I don't need another cam. So I opened the thing up. I blew out the dust and grit. I took contact cleaner to all connetions I could get to. I put it back together and dropped in a fresh battery. The fool thing fired right up and still works today..
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