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Hi, I was wondering if it would be OK to engrave my Canon 20D, as I have heard of some one losing theirs and there was no ID with it at all. I don't always take my camera backpack with me,therefore there would be no details with it if I were to accidently walk off and leave it. If it is OK to engrave,where would the best place be?Thanks for any help.

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Its yours, right? Your free to deform it in any way you want, then.

I'd really just keep track of the serial number, but marking it could (maybe) help with theft recovery or somesuch. If your banking on the honesty of somebody picking up a twelve hundred dollar camera in public and trying to return it to you (HA!) then I guess you could mark a phone number on the bottom or someplace fairly obvious.

If you think you'll be able to track it down in a lost and found and need a way to identify its yours, having the serial number in your wallet would be quite good enough (even just a good description of the camera and lens model without seeing it).
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I wouldn't. I'd be concerned that the vibration would damage the camera.

There are police id clincs here once in a while, they install a permanent plate on items or tracking devices for a small donation.

Another idea I've heard people do is to take a photo of a card containing your info... then lock that on your card.
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