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tclune Jun 16, 2006 9:24 AM

sail978 wrote:

The resolution of a standard TV is 640X480. That's what it can handle. Depending on the computer screen, it can be much higher, and that's why it will look better.
Actually, "resolution" is one of those funny terms that has many meanings. The ultimate limitingresolution for broadcast television is much lower than this. For SVideo, which is a closed-circuit signal and is about as good as a traditional NTSC television can display, the actual limit is about 500 lines of resolution by 350 lines of resolution., as measured by using a test pattern.

sail978 Jun 17, 2006 12:02 PM

Yes, you're right but I didn't want to get into it too technically. Bottom line is that if you want to produce a video for TV viewing, you go for 640X480. You have to be aware that TVs have 'safe margins' and these margins can vary from TV to TV. Also, the older the TV, the larger the safe margin. In other words, when playing your slideshow or video on the computer, you will see more of the picture. When you play it on your TV, you'll see the edges cropped (and as I said before, this will vary from TV to TV).

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