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Does anyone know where I can purchase a 2x or 3x telephoto/teleconverter lense in the UK online at a decent price for a fuji S9500. I would also like a macro lense as well.

Thanks amanda x
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Pretty much from nowhere, Raynox DCR-2020PRO is one of the few 2x+ converters and already this heavily downsized photo tells that softness and chromatic aberrations will be horrible.

Best quality teleconverters have about 1.5x coefficient, cost considerably, and weight half of camera's weight and more. (so those ain't very convenient)
Also you should know does converter work with camera in question, even high quality converter could produce lousy results if camera's lens differs much from that to which converter was designed for.

Cheapest and simplest solution is close up lens which changes focus distance closer, for avoiding vignetting those should be used with camera's lens zoomed to tele end.
Ordinary close up lenses over +4 diopter start to cause lot of corner softness. As for how much +4 CUL helps compare first shots of last row in here
Achromatic two element CULs give better corner sharpness at all diopters, and for bigger diopters those are mandatory for good quality... but also most of those are aabout +4 diopter lenses. (Most big camera brands have these, also Raynox has some of these)
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