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I specifically have the Canon Powershot SD700 IS that I ordered in mind, however, I suppose this question could go for any camera.

The SD700 lacks aperture and shutter priority modes. Theoretically (because Canon would never do this), could Canon update the firmware to include these modes? Or is aperture and shutter priority mode a hardware issue also?

These options aren't a big deal for me, but they were one of the very few things CNET mentioned that kept it from getting an editors rating. Would be nice if Canon could easily fix this without releasing another camera.
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Some of the smaller digital cameras have very limited aperture designs, making these modes impratical to implement.

For example, some models may only have two "real" apertures, with the values changing depending on focal length (amount of optical zoom). For example, if you tried to use shutter priority, it couldn't vary the aperture iris opening properly to allow proper exposure with an aperture design like that.

Some models may even have have one actual aperture iris size, and use a built in Neutral Density filter in the optical path to simulate a smaller aperture.

With smaller digital cameras, aperture isn't as critical anyway, since you have dramtically more depth of field for any given "35mm equivalent" focal length compared to a 35mm camera. That's because of the very tiny sensors used in non-DSLR digital cameras, allowing them to use a much shorter focal length lens for the same angle of view.

As a result, it's often necessary to simulate a shallower depth of field using software (gaussian blur, etc.) with non-DSLR models to help subjects stand out from distracting backgrounds, even when they do have a true multi-blade aperture iris with aperture priority available.

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