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I'm looking for a relatively decent-priced backpack; nothing heavy duty.

It's purpose will be to carry my photography equipment and a little bit of water/food.

I'll be going on day hikes, no overnighters or multiple-day hikes where tents and massive amounts of packing is needed.

Below is the equipment I plan on taking:
  • Canon Rebel XT[/*]
  • Two lenses, 18-55mm and 70-300mm telephoto[/*]
  • Filters (no more than a handful, at the moment I have 2)[/*]
  • Misc supplies (extra battery, rocket blower, cable release)[/*]
  • TRIPOD[/*]
The backpack needs to be able to carry a tripod (preferrably with some sort of quick release system). As I'll be taking landscape shots (majority in low light) and wildlife at long distances, a tripod is a must. And I don't want to have to carry it in my hand as I will want my hands free to use my camera which will be around my neck.

I'm going for a lighter backpack as I'm relatively light-built and don't want the backpack to be a distraction because of its weight.
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We noticed a pretty nice backpack at wolf camera (Tamrac Adventure 6 Backpack 5546 or the Tamrac Adventure 7 Backpack 5547) the other day for about $60. The bottom part would hold you main camera stuff and the top would hold anything else you would want to take along. I am not sure about the tripod though. I'm sure thatthere would be a way to hang one on there.

here is a link to wolfs packs http://www.wolfcamera.com/backpacks-...s-cases-straps

Hope this helps you a bit.

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I don't like camera backpacks, especially for hiking. You have to put it down to access the camera, unless you get one of those slings that you can swing in front of you.

I went with a beltpack, the Lowepro Orion. The bag can be swung in front of you to get your camera, and then swing it behind you if not using it. It looks like an oversized fanny pack. It also allowed me to use a regular backpack or a camelpack for hiking.

The bag fits my D50 with kit lens, 70-300G, 50mm f/1.8 and filter wallet that can hold 6 filters. It should fit your RebXT just fine with some room for future lens or flash.

In terms of tripod, it has a couple of belts on the bottom what can hold a monopad, but a tripod is probably too heavy and bulky for it. I don't carry my tripod with me, since I have an old and bulky Velbon video tripod with pan and tilt, not a photography tripod with ballhead and collapses smaller. If I do get a real tripod someday, I'll probably get a tripod bag for it with shoulder strap or use my camping chair's canvas bag with shoulder strap.

Be sure to checkout Lowepro and Tamrac's websites. They have a lot of choices.

Good Luck!

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rey - I had to look twice when I was reading your post - I also have an oldVelbon video tripod and haven't replaced it yet. And someone gave me a fanny pack that could be a Lowepro that I've been using with a hydration pack.

My only problem with this set-up is that I'm not very big and I carry the fanny pack in front (my back isn't long enough for the hydration pack and the fanny pack). The waist band of the fanny pack hits my back wrong and I get a pain down the back of my leg, so I'm looking for an alternate idea.

I've recently bought an REI monopod/hiking pole to deal with the tripod issue, and that works out quite well. It's small and light enough when collapsed to fit on either the hydration pack or the fanny pack but I prefer to use it as a walking stick. I know it isn't as good as a proper tripod, but it seems to be an adequate compromise.
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