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Daughters choir recital.

25 yards + from stage. I filmed 3 min. and made 106 photos.

I noticed

I need a camera tripod or steady stick.

B/W photos are wonderful and seem to add so much depth to the shot.

some of the numbers were dance numbers and in low light and no flash what should I do? I had tons of smeared or wiped photos. B/W came out best I dont know why.

I really dont like th eauto focus of the 6490. takes way to long to adjust....

I am an amature and need to take a phot class in Dallas can anybody rec. these classes?
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Sounds like buyers remorse is setting in -

My wife has a 6490 and under some situations she gets better results than my Digital Rebel !!!

You have a very good P&S camera. It has some superior features over many other cameras in that same basic PRICE range.

Read up on previous threads pertaining to your equipment.

The reality is that ALL digital cameras have shortcomings and a common complaint is "Auto Focus". The time involved in finding focus, the delay in "snapping the shutter" and the downloading of info to the CF card are all common complaints for many cameras. Some are better - some are worse.

Your built in flash - like most in-camera flash units is only good out to about 10-12 feet. After that falloff is quite rapid.

Some of your "smeared shots" might be your not tracking your subject precisely, you have to decide if your subject or your camera is moving (or both)

Practice, Practice, Practice. I have been shooting for 40 years or so, and I still "warm-up" the day before an important shoot. Your shots are all "free" now so go for it !!
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Good answers ..

A few more suggestions:
Learn about the PASM modes go into aperature priority and set it to the fastest lens speed possible. Next go into the setup menu and go to 200 ASA or even 400ASA.If the pictures are for email you can try the800 ASA.Get a copy of neat image for cleaning up the noise.

Even if you are not shooting in low light and want a fully automatic camera use the P mode with the ASA set to 80 for the best pictures.

Get a monopod they don't take much space but can really steady the camera.

If you can use flash get a monster like a sunpak 544 or 555 or 383. They will match up with the 10x zoom pretty nicely.

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OK I am just having herds of COWs now and am way impressed with the PASM mode. I am learning every time I grab my camera, now I am grabing it allthe time! I NEVER KNEW it could do so much!

Practice practice your right! WOW! just took another 200 shots tonight and man I can believe what I have been missing.......

You advice has been excellent!
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