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Default 20x24 print out of pics

I want to take print of the below picture .. First one is original from canon 1000d and second one with blur effect and third one is more blur + little bit saturation ..
This is my first time that i am going for 20x24 size print out .. so need suggestion from you people that which one will look good in 20x24 size because i m not able to decide .so please give me your opinions ...
Orginal one

Name:  IMG_0137cp.jpg
Views: 444
Size:  88.6 KB

Blur effect
Name:  IMG blur.jpg
Views: 325
Size:  67.6 KB

Blur+ saturation
Name:  IMG saturation.jpg
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Well, honestly none of them.
The look down and away doesnt do it any justice. almost a profile shot. I use a pose to get away from the direct look but leave the head at 45 degrees with a slight tilt up and eyes looking in at the same angle the head is pointing.

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This would be more appropriate for the photo critiques section, but, as far as advising on which one to use, I could only suggest that you print the one you like best.
As to the photo, I agree with Justin that you might want to re-take, but for slightly different reasons. The pose works OK, but the angle of the shot has the line of the cheek broken by the nose, which creates a discontinuity that bothers me.

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I won't critique the pictures. I'll just say that you can print any image at almost any size. In printing, presentation predominates. The image itself is often less important than the paper, matting, framing, glassing, hanging, lighting, and surroundings. Almost anything can look good if it's far enough away.
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I like the 3rd photo.

It's hard to know what it will look like when it's printed (I'm assuming your using a third party printer).

If you really want a nice print then go to a place that still hand prints them and work with the printer to get the desired result.

A new technique I've been hearing about is "print on metal". You can have your photo printed on metal which can then be framed.

It sounds weird, but it actually creates a very elegant print.

Here's an Australian website for it, however I think this process exists in every country:


-- Terry
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