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Default 2mp Cam with MANUAL Shutter HELP

Please point out for me the 2mp digital cameras that have the ability to MANUALLY set the shutter speed. I want to have the ability to set the shutter at 1/250 to 1/400 and not have the stupid camera OVER-RIDE me... :evil:

I shot alot of pics with fast moving objects (i.e. daughter's soccer games) in all kinds of outdoor lighting (sunny, overcast, rainy, etc).

It seems most of the 2mp dig cameras I research all have automatic shutter. My current dig camera makes the decision to shot at 1/60 to 1/80 in overcast weather, and I'm left with blurry pics.

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Does your current camera have a shutter priority mode? With that, you set the shutter speed and the camera chooses the matching aperture. Also, if your camera has a manual mode you have control of both. If it's a really cloudy day, you may also have to boost the ISO setting.

http://www.photocourse.com is a great site that covers the basics of cameras.

If you had posted the make and model of your camera, maybe someone here can help you out to get it to do it.
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I have a better suggestion: use your aperture priority mode :shock: Dont laugh just yet: this is a set a lot of pro's and amateurs alike use: set your camera in the largest aperture (f2.0, or whatever it is) and the camera will automatically set the fastest shutter for you. The diff is that every camera has way more shutter speeds than aperture, so you will allways get a match. Also, if you set the shutter priority, you are not guaranteed to get a wide enough aperture for that speed. The ap priority is your best bet.
You should be able to find a 2mp olympus camedia series camera, or if you get a good deal a 3mp camedia like the 3000 that will give you these options.
But if you are going from film to digital, you will be dissapointed at the slow shooting capabilities of almost all of them.
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