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I for one prefer digicams to have a 4:3 ratio. A big advantage of digital photography for me is the amount of money I save on image processing - I view all my photos on computers and wouldn't like it very much if they didn't fill the screen properly.

As for batch cropping tools ... I can't think of any off hand. I've looked for options in PhotoImpact and Fireworks but can't see anything there. Maybe there is a plugin for Photoshop or something though? (Which I don't have)

Personally, I would stick to cropping by hand though, it gives you total control over what is included in your final photo.


I haven't got the camera yet, but I have the Oly C-730 manual on my PC and it says that it can be set to a 3:2 mode which is 20481360 pixels. - Not sure if that's what you mean?
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Yea, 20481360 pixels is pretty close to 3:2 aspect ratio... like Steve said it's pretty close to most print output with no cropping require (and save flash storage to boot!).
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Personally, I'd like my cam to have a 16x9 ccd array, and select the aspect scale I want for the output device I wish to display/print the image on.

Or if that's too difficult for the cam. manufacturer, 16X9 chip with selectable viewfinder safe areas for 4x3 centre cut-out or adjustable to chosen print format.

Even web authors are seriously considering future widescreen as the standard in-home display format of the future. New digicams displaying black bands or distorted pics will not be appreciated!
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