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ok so I have my camera set to 8mp, and the number of shots I get is the same as the 3:2 size.. Is there a difference in quality. Should I use this setting instead of the 8 mp setting (my highest) as when I get my pictures developed, they always cut some of it off. which kills me.. will the 3:2 sizing help???
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I'm surprised they take the same amount of space on the card. A 3:2 just has the top and bottom cropped off, so they should be a bit smaller.

3:2 isn't great for other print formats. But if you want to print only at 4 X 6 it would do no harm to shoot at 3:2. You are just getting a little less of the image.

You could crop the images yourself before having them printed. This little freeware works well: http://ekot.dk/programmer/JPEGCrops/

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I find 3:2 does help if the pictures are destined to be printed at that ratio, because I tend to find I frame the shot "perfectly", so if I then have to crop I lose something I wanted to keep in (like if I'm taking a photo of of my pet chinchilla, the top of his ears will be virtually touching the top of the frame, and his feet virtually touching the bottom. Then when I prepare it for print I either have to lose a bit of ear, a bit of feet, or a bit of both). Thus for me it's better that the cropping is there before I take the photo, so the "perfect" is a slightly different perfect in the first place, but it's still the same when I go to get it printed.
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