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Is the whole thread about the proportions of the CCD sensor?
Sorry for such a newbe question
Is this why Olympus C5050 can only shoot 4/3 format pictures (and a little wider but nowhere near classic pictures)?
Anyway I think 4/3 is the best ratio for viewing your pictures on computer screen (which is 4/3 usually for most resolutions), so if you don't print your pictures that would be a better choice right? (Full screen with no black edges looks really nice)
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But, if you were sat in front of your TV for 'lean back' viewing pleasure, or in the cinema, you'd appreciate a wider picture. Instead, your eye's are being pulled in to the shape of a pc screen for a lean forward experience, which is not the way scenes naturally appear.

If we were conditioned to round PC screens or a flat Earth, we would think that was fine until we'd experienced something else.
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Hehe true, but you gotta face the reality: wide CRTs (and LCD panels) are the expensive ones, and there aren't many of such

Myself I really like viewing photos on the monitor, my parents say it's like watching slides (with a projector). But the quality is awesome, and you don't need that high of resolution: 1280x960 is already higher than my desktop: which is 1152x864.

In my case printing photos isn't going to happen: I like the "image of light" much more: colors, contrast and SIZE. And then imagine a pc projector wow (and they are also 4/3).
If I want to show pictures to someone else: I can take the laptop with me...

I don't know but 4/3 isn't going away in the pc world, not yet.

Oh and I forgot: my point. Well, my point is that full screen makes all the difference: even 3/2 with thin black areas at the top and bottom, doesn't look right. You get the feeling that you're missing detail because the image has to be resized. That's why 4/3 cameras are better suited for PC viewing of photos.
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... I think we're getting OT here!

While 4/3 is the proportion of most CCDs with its video/monitor sized origin, it's not what this thread is about. I believe the discussion was about the pro and con of the Oly/Kodak 4/3 system as it pertains to the image circle! ie its diagonal is exactly 1/2 of the 24x36mm diagonal picture frame of competing dSLRs, with its corresponding smaller lenses and mirror box (or smaller lens / regular mirror box in case of DX lenses)!

The 3/2 aspect ratio of other dSLRs is not a factor here and is already discussed in other threads... :P
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