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escapek Nov 18, 2002 11:37 AM

4 or 5 Megapixel for Beginner/Intermediate
Looking for a recommendation of the best 4 or 5 megapixel camera for a beginner/intermediate type of user. Bascially someone who shoots a good amount of pictures but most likely will not go crazy using ALL of the different manual features. To put things in to perspective she is using a Kodak DC280 right now (2.1 MP, not alot of features). Probably the most important thing is something that has enough features to still be a very good camera 2-3 years from now and probably most important has GREAT image quality with the least amount of adjusting before every shot. Have looked recently at the Nikon 5000 and Sony F707 but feel they might be a bit much for this person in terms of features.


gibsonpd3620 Nov 18, 2002 1:22 PM

The following are my recommendations:
Olympus C4000 - auto and manual functions, can add filters and lens with adapter tube. The feel of a 35mm camera. Cost $400 to $450 on the web.
Olympus C50 - auto and manual functions, small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, 5mp. Cost $600 on the web.

Look at web prices and vendor reports at

BillDrew Nov 18, 2002 3:38 PM

What feature(s) of her current camera does she find lacking? Why is she looking for a newer camera?

Low light focus?

Pretty much impossible to recomend a camera without knowing why she wants a new one. Difficult even then.

escapek Nov 18, 2002 6:23 PM

Things I'm looking for:

- Much better overall image quality (even when using auto) than her current camera.

- Something a bit smaller

- Not critical but would really prefer something with a flip-out style LCD.

- Some manual functionality (current camera doesn't really have any)

That would be a good start. Someone recommended a Canon Powershot G2, any thoughts?

gibsonpd3620 Nov 18, 2002 6:26 PM

Read Steve's review of the Olympus C50. I believe it will meet all your needs but the flip out lcd.

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