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Old May 18, 2004, 2:33 PM   #1
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Hi there,

I am in the market for a 4MP digital camera. I would like some recommendations based on what I want/like:

  1. Compact (smaller than Canon A80 for example and closer to S400/410) [/*]
  2. A/V Output [/*]
  3. Video with sound (until memory is full) [/*]
  4. Assist light [/*]
  5. Fast processor [/*]
  6. Bright screen that does not go pale under sunlight easily [/*]
  7. Durable + has underwater add on case [/*]
  8. Excellent photo quality for 8 x 10 or more prints [/*]
  9. Good battery life [/*]
  10. Retractable lens[/*]
Thanks in advance. I am checking out so far the Canon S410. If you could give me 5 or more if possible that I could look at, that would be nice.

P.S. Any info on the Pentax S40 and S41?
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Old May 19, 2004, 3:51 PM   #2
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Canon A80.

Here's a list of the others from Steve's if your interested.


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Old May 19, 2004, 7:37 PM   #3
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You recommended the same camera I do not like the A80. I said A870 above that was a typo, I really meant A80. Don't like that camera and prefer something smaller.
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Old May 20, 2004, 12:58 AM   #4
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Which one do you prefer?Quality of image or look of the camera. People do not care about the way your DC looks like, they just care about the quality of image you take. stupid!:P
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Old May 20, 2004, 8:42 AM   #5
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The Michael Guy

I find your comment very rude and distasteful. What I want in a camera is good looks and quality. Which I know is available. I don't care about what others think of my camera it is about WHAT I THINK. After all it will be my $$ being spent.How dare you call me stupid because I want a camera that is smaller than the Canon A80? I didn't even mention appearance, I merely said compact.

If you have nothing positive or contributing to say in my posts I think it's best you keep your foul mouth shut. Persons like yourself ought not to be on forum such as these! Very feisty.
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Old May 20, 2004, 8:52 AM   #6
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I think your options in the Ixus size are the Pentax Optios and Minolta 500/600's - you might want to check those out. I went with the Canon S400- great lens, takes the cheaper (and what I had a gig of laying around) compact flash and is very solid. Picture quality is excellent and my 8x10 prints are extremely sharp- my 4ft by 12 inch panos are tack sharp as well.

As far as form factor being a part of deciding what camera to buy- I think it's very important. After owning a Minolta D7i, S404, a Canon G3 and a few larger cameras- the fact that my Elph/Ixus is always on me makes a huge difference in picture quality- the fact that I have pictures compared to having left my camera in the hotel because I didn't want to be burdened by it. A camera I'm using takes much better quality pictures than one left sitting in a box.
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