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Im getting the Sony P200 7.2 MP this week, which memory card do you suggest? I've looked alll around and the cheapest ive found the 1gb is about 90$ and ive found the 512 for about 45 on Ebay.
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You can't go wrong with either one. If you're going to shoot a lot of video, the 1 gig would be the clear choice. Personally, I would get the largest card (or cards) that you can afford. You can never have too much storage. It isn't a bad idea to have an extra card laying around...you never know when you might lose one or it may go corrupt.
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What is the speed rating of the two cards?
I don't know how fast that card can write, but if the 1G card was below 12x or so, I might pass on it. (One would hope it isn't, but you can find some old things on ebay.)

Otherwise, I'd get the 1G.

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Good choice of cameras IMO. I was really torn between the P200 and Casio Z750. I got the Casio but am not really sure the P200 might not have been the better choice. I would have to live with both cameras for a month to decide for sure. I'll surely be correcting a lot more red eye than you will.

I got a SanDisk Ultra II 1Gb card for $90 and free shipping. I think that card is as fast as anything currently on the market can use. The Casio has a particularly strong battery and will fill a 1Gb card with images. The P200 puts out best quality JPGs around 3Mb where the Casio images average around 4.5Mb. That combined with the longer battery life required the larger card. I might have chosen a 512Mb card with the P200 if I didn't plan on getting a spare battery.

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