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bookerreese Nov 21, 2002 7:25 PM

7hi vs cp5700 vs 7i which 1 would you buy???
:? i am banging my head on this 1. 1 of these 3 cameras i want to buy but cant make up my mind. all i want is a camera which has good performance & take good pictures. i like the 7hi but is it worth paying 100 to 200 dollars more ovet the cp5700 & the 7i.
#2 are taking pic in raw, tiff modes really necessary i which the 7hi is supposed to be better than the other 2. i like the 7hi but would be willing to pay $100 to 200$ more because of its 64md buffer. please give me some good advice!!!

Reese!!! :?

KCan Nov 21, 2002 7:54 PM


CP5700 and D7Hi / D7i are very different about handling, zoom electric/ manual , zoom range , battery kind, and feature ( tilted LCD versus tilted EVF for example)
If you know what you prefer, the choice should not that difficult.

If you don't take continuous raw shots , the D7Hi is less interesting considering the additional $$ , IMO, unless you like the black look , the sync terminal , and some add features.

NHL Nov 21, 2002 8:44 PM

They are all excellent cameras, it depends mostly on your shooting style and preference. There's a short summary over here:

I don't think .tiff mode is necessary in any camera. It just take more room and slow the camera operation down. You are much better of in raw mode (it's more compact), and get the tiff from the PC after importing in the raw files.

IMHO I would get the 7hi over the 7i just because of the wider color space afforded by AdobeRGB, and not because of the extra buffer...

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