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Default 8 mm film to CD transfer

I have over 15000 ft of 8mm and super 8mm sound and silent.....how do i get this put onto a cd format, without going through the vhs routine..Hve used 3 different video cameras, and a rear projection screen set up, but still get a flicker in the copy Thanks for any useful info on this subject. John Young.
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Hmmmm. I'm not an expert in this area by any means, but I have experimented quite a bit with a Sony Digital8 camera that I bought a few months ago.

If you can get someone to transfer your 8mm footage to Digital8 format, you can easily make DVD's from that. I use Adobe Premier and an HP DVD drive in my desktop computer. You can use much cheaper software that Premier - in fact, the HP drive (about $450) came with one that worked very well.

The real trick will be finding someone that can get it onto Digital8 for you. In fact, the shop that does that may also be able to burn the stuff right to DVD for you. A quick search on Google found the following companies that can do it:


The first one has a price estimator on the page, and the second one had a proce listed of $24.95. I'm sure there are alot more, it'll just take some Googling

Hope that helps!

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I have some old film from the 50s 60s and 70s myself. (I'm not actually in any of them until the 60s) Many places claim to be the best at transferring them to digital but I have not done enough research to see who is the best. There are cheap ways to do it and you get a cheap looking digital copy.

I had this link in my favorites from a while back when I was looking into it. It helps explain some of the mystery, but I don't know the site well enough to endorse it.

The reason you get the flicker is because the 8mm projector and your digital camera have different framerates. I think 24 fps for film and then the digital movie cameras around 15 to 30 fps. I wish I knew for sure, but I believe there is a way to synchronize the framerates through software. Or if the camera framerate is adjustable, you can experiment until you stop the flicker.


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I have done some tranfers from a small movie screen to a 8mm analog camcorder with fair to good results. Keeping it in focus is the hard part, because the film in the projector has to have the focus touched up from time to time.
FYI, regular 8mm film is 16FPS, super 8mm film is 18FPS and 16mm film is 24FPS.
Sorry I can't help you out one how to do a video CD, wished I knew myself.
Hope this helps.
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This is extreme,but it might help.

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That's funny. I was just reading that article on Toms Hardware yesterday. I am building a new computer and like to reseach that site. It may be a bit extreme, but it depends on the quality you want in your video production. I set up my webcam, projector and screen and transferred my 8mm film to digital but the quality is very low. My new computer will have a DVD burner. With that, some software and a decent borrowed digital camcorder, maybe I can make a better transfer.

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I have some 16mm films from the 40s and 50s that I projected and recorded from the screen in movie mode with my Olympus 5050. The results were pretty good but still lacking. I burned them to DVD with Roxio for now. The 5050 only has a 320X240 res video mode so I plan to try this again with a friends Sony that has a 640X480 res mode.
There was no flicker problem but the pictures were noisy.
Recording in movie mode makes things easy because you get a digital file that is easy to handle on a PC.
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