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Default 8x10 printing quality

I am considering buying a 4.9 (effective) megapixel camera. This would allow me to print 8x10 images at 240 dpi or higher. The camera has an image size size of 2560x1920 among others. This image size is available in different qualities: TIFF, RAW, and FINE (jpeg).
In order to maximize the number of images on a compact flash card I was considering shooting with FINE quality.
My questions are: Is this interpolated data since it is the same 1560x1920 size as the TIFF file? And is the amount of data at FINE quality enough to maintain a high quality photographic 8x10 print?
Thanks for any information you can provide.

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I don't understand your pixel format sizes. The aspect ratio H to V cannot change from effective image size to TIFF. You want 240dpi at 10X8 that's about 2400 x 1920, but that would be a cropped size, so your cam might be doing something like 2553 x 1920 which is your 4.9Mpix. TIFF describes an uncompressed file format, whilst JPEG describes a compressed one. You could have either as a 4.9Mpix file. I thought there was agreement amongst cam manufacturers that 'effective pixels' mean't real ones. So if your cam sensor is doing about 2553X1920, they can downscale to offer lower resolutions (perhaps this is what you mean't by interpolation).

The descriptors Fine, Medium,Normal, Basic, Superfine, etc etc generally indicate the amounts of compression applied for each resolution option. Starting with the highest 'native resolution' of the sensor. You could have TIFFS or JPEGS at each resolution -they only describe a file output format. However there's little point offering uncompressed TIFF at the lower resolutions when JPEG is adequate.

For your 10X8 240dpi prints, you should be shooting about 2553 x1920 TIFF or RAW in theory, but both will carry a speed/memory penalty. So you might find 2553 x1920 FINE an acceptable compromise for all but the most critical scenes.

I did say theory, because I doubt if you would see much difference from a cam printing from a 3.5 to 4 Mpix sensor. In fact if that cam has a better lens/colour/sensitivity and lower noise for example, it might produce better pics.

What camera are you looking at??
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Default Fine(JPEG) should be good.

I am making a guess that you are looking at a camera like the Minolta DiMAGE 7i, which has a Fine(JPEG) mode. It probably does a compression of the TIFF size of just short of 15 MB to something like 1.9 MB in JPEG per shot. While this sounds like radical compression, it really is still quite good data.

When you print this at 8x10 it will look as good as your printer will allow. I used to use an Olympus C2020 which would give me files of under 500KB, and it could do ok at 8x10. And my Olympus E10, a 4 meg camera, made JPEGs of about 1.2 MB, and it was great at 8x10.
Now it might be tough to create 13x19 prints from your JPEGs, without using a good image enlarger like Genuine Fractals, but, you will love the 8x10s....

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Thanks for the reply. You are right, it was downscaling to a lower resolution that I was thinking of. I guess from your response it sounds as if Fine should be an acceptable compromise for 8x10 prints. As JodyQ guessed in another reply, I am looking at a Minolta Dimage 7i. The image sizes I quoted are from the DPR review of the Dimage 7i as well as the effective (real) pixels. Thanks again.
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