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I know IS is a way to use longer exposure time withoutgettinf a blurry picture or simply not getting one :P

But, is it good enough to use like 1 sec. exposure time or what's th max? (on small cameras like A710IS, SD710IS, DMC-FX07, ...)

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The answer is: probably not. But it really depends. Every person is different. One person might be able to handhold a given camera/focal length at 1/15 while another might require 1/60. But 1 second is probably an unrealistic goal even with IS. Also, some of the lighter cameras can actaully be more difficult to keep steady.

A safe bet is the IS generally get's you 2 stops (with some DSLRs it's better than that). So if YOU (not me and not another photog) can hand-hold a shot at 1/60 without IS and without camera shake - in general that same shot could be taken at 1/15 WITH IS.
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JohnG has given pretty good advice. The only thing I'd add is that these rules of thumb are applicable primarily with stationary scenes/subjects. If you need to deal with subject motion then there is really no substitute for shutter speed. This is from someone who has an IS camera and routinely handholds much slower than the rules of thumb.
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How long of an exposure you'll be able to achieve depends on the IS system and your own ability to hold a camera steady. I've managed 1 second exposures, but not at longer focal lengths and usually it's very hit and miss (like 1 out of 6). 1/2 second is a bit more reasonable, but still difficult. At longer telephoto I could typically manage 1/13 on my Panasonic FZ30 (at 430mm equivalent), but with my Pentax K100D 1/30 is about as slow as I'd go at that focal length, and usually with less consistent results.

IS works by allowing the sensor (or the lens) to move around to compensate against the movements of your hand, but it can only move so far. Using an IS system is kind of like aiming a laser pointer at a small circle on a wall and trying to keep it in there for the whole exposure. Once you go outside the circle IS fails and you will get blur. Sometimes on long exposures it comes out as almost a double exposure because the IS kept up for half the shot, then lost it for the second half so it looks like a blurry picture superimposed on a sharp one.
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That is a very good anaolgy with the pointer, and why some, like people that can do 1/15 or less without IS (short lens) find IS/SR much more effective than others do, with lesser stillness/holding abilities.
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Image stabilized Tamron 400mm moonshot. BTW... this was taken on a cloudy/hazy night and I had to play with differnt settings to get a clear shot after many failed attempts. The clouds are not visible in the picture but I am surprized I got this at all.

Come to think of it... since the moon is moving, this does qualify as proof that IS can handlea non-stationary object. :blah:

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I know what my 400mm produces (size wise), so that is at least cropped.... and I have come close to that myself.... and just asking, not accusing :roll:... any PP in that image as well?
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