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Jerry Epple Dec 15, 2002 1:07 AM

AC Adapter and more
I need a digital camera, and about decided on a canon S-330, but I found out what an AC adapter will cost, and, with an extra battery and larger flashcard, the cost got too high. I am asking for someone to give me an answer on whether I really need an AC adapter. I know it will save battery power when I download pictures onto my computer or TV set, but would I be just as well off just charging batteries more often? Also, maybe there are other cameras out there which will serve me better. I would like to have opinionsd on that. Here are my needs, as I perceive them without having much knowledge on the subjects: moderate cost; USB connectivity to my Windows 98 SE; good 3X lens; Some digital zoom; occular viewfinder; rechargeable battery; red-eye reduction; low-light focus assist; manual and automatic modes on some adjustments; automatic lens cover; minimum macro distance; wide ISO range; short warm-up time; minimum elapsed time between shots; small size; excellent image production; good toll-free tech support; inexpensive flashcard type; reasonably easy operation even for a clumsy old man; durability. It looks like I want everything, but here are some things that are not important to me: weight; sound; panoramic views, movie modes; hot shoe; and more than 2 megapixel resolution. My kids are giving this to me for Christmas, but I get to choose what I want, so I need to get a mail order off real soon. I would also like suggestions as to mail or phone order sources you have had good experiences with. Thanks very much for your help. My children appreciate it too.....Jerry Epple

NickG100 Dec 15, 2002 2:21 AM

My personal opinion is....

Get THEE CAMERA that you want first of all. You will have to by batteries anyway for shots away from electrical supply. SO, get Nickle metal hydride rechargebles and a recharger. Radio Shack has some of the best prices around for this stuff.

Then, use the heck out of the camera. Recharge like crazy and enjoy yourself.

Then, later on when you can part with a few bucks, grab the AC adapter.

I bought mine for my Olympus from a place other than Olympus. Saved $30.00.

Find out what the volts and at what amps the camera draws and see if a local retailer has an adapter that has those specs. Chances are, Radio Shack will have it.

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