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Runned_Around Dec 4, 2003 2:20 AM

AC Power Adapter Help
Hi everyone, I have just recently purchased a Samsung Digimax 201 digital camera, it came with two aa batteries but no AC Adapter. The manual does not really clarify what volt the adapter should be, and the outlet on the camera says 3.3 volt. The problem is where the heck can i get a 3.3 volt adapter? I have checked Walmart (where I purchased the camera) and they told me to check Samsungs website (which was entirely unhelpful). I have multi-volt ac adapters laying around for other electronics, but they only have 3 volt and I am wondering if it would damage the camera if it is 3 volts instead of 3.3 volts. Any and all advice on where to find the right adapter or any info on if a regular 3 volt would work would really be helpful. Thanks.


voxmagna Dec 4, 2003 3:37 AM

First make sure your adaptor is the 'regulating type' and uses a semiconductor regulator. Some are no more than a transformer with taps, diodes and a capacitor. Second make sure it can deliver at least and preferably more than the current your camera needs which could be 1.5 to 2.5 Amps. Thirdly, make sure the polarity on the adaptor plug matches the camera socket!

Your camera uses 2AA (which won't last long if Alkaline's) and presumably it can use 2 AA re-chargeable? It is likely to need at least 3 Volts and may run on lower allowing for battery discharge.

Most regulators will have a tolerance on output voltage - you should measure yours with a digital meter. 3.3 to 3.0 volt is only 10% so you should be OK, unless it can't supply the current and voltage sags below 3.0v.

It's not the sort of thing everybody wants to do, but I had a camera requiring 4.5 volts when most regulators are 5.0. I opened it up and changed a resistor value slightly - On adjustable regulators, the resistors are easy to find, being connected to the voltage switch. Good luck - VOX

Alan T Dec 4, 2003 4:50 AM

Re: AC Power Adapter Help

Originally Posted by Runned_Around
it came with two aa batteries but no AC Adapter.

The problem I've found is that cameras have DC input sockets that aren't quite standard. I have several variable voltage DC supplies, and umpteen different plugs with switchable polarity, but I still haven't found one that works my current digicam. Many of the plugs *seem* to fit the camera but don't actually make contact.

High-capacity Ni-MH cells and chargers are very cheap now (12x1800mAh AAs for 13 ukpounds from Maplin), though, so maybe more cells is a better investment than a mains power supply.

Jorge Li Dec 4, 2003 4:25 PM

Joe: Forget the Ac adapter, just use rechargeable batteries, you don't need ac power , maybe only to download pictures, but if you get a card reader you just place the card in the reader to download, and need batteries only to take pictures.

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