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Default adobe

I have installed a CD of Adobe photoshop 5.0 Limited Edition, have no manual, and Adobe's website lists Elements on the LE page. What's the difference? I ordered Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop 6.0 by Mike Wooldridge and hope it is the right book. Any help?
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le is similar to elements. it was designed to introduce you to using PS with some of the more sophisticated portions(not needed by a lot of people) left out.
caveat: regretfully using any version of PS below V 7.0 smashes the EXIF header info on your images. if your wanting a good basic imaging software and adobe is what you want look inyo elements 2.0. same thing as 5.0 more or less but without the gremlins in it.

other softwawre you may want to look into is paint shop pro 7. a much easier alternative for the uninitiated in PS.

amazon has it for $52.50 after rebates. look at other places to give or take $5

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Photoshop LE is an entry-level version of Photoshop. New users won't be able to tell the difference, but experienced users who automatically press Ctrl-T to tranform a picture would be disappointed.

Some features left out are the Vector tools, distortions, CMYK etc...

Now that said, the entry-level user won't notice this difference at all (not even knowing the what and whys of them). I've got LE running at home - as I've only got legal software on my home machine, and it does the job for me. It's a lot more work than using Photoshop which I've got at work, but at the end of the day it's just a tool. Getting the latest and the greatest might make your work easier, but if you don't experiment with all the features and explore your own creativity it's like owning a convertible that you only drive with the top up.

Now the plus side of LE, levels, variations, color replacement, layers (whoopie) and accepts all photoshop plugins.

It's not bad... it's a little bit less than you get with Photoshop 4.0 full version.

Hope that helps.
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like i said similar to elements now evolved into elements.
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You can always download a Tryout version from the Adobe site of the latest version of Photoshop before making the purchase.

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