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Default Adobe PhotoShop 4 - 5 Worth UPGRADE????

I have Adobe PhotoShop 4 & was wondering if version 5 is worth the upgrade,I can get the upgrade for $50.00 cdn. What did they do for the upgrade???? Adobe web site is not of much help.
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Old May 6, 2003, 11:43 PM   #2
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not sure about v5 anymore, it been a while but the latest version is 7. It is an exellent tool for the photo editing pro. For a lot cheaper you can get photshop elements which has most of what photoshop offers.
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Old May 7, 2003, 12:26 AM   #3
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If it does all you need, I would hold off. The rumor (and it's just that right now) is that they will upgrade a serious portion of the program to support 16-bit operators for Photoshop 8. Including layers. For me, that is a reason to hold off... but I shoot in Raw mode and have a powerful computer, so it might make less of a difference to you.

Also, with a version that old (ver. 4) I don't know if they'll offer upgrade pricing or not. Someone else who knows their upgrade history will have to comment on that.
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I have to agree, it's not worth spending $50 on such an old version. Especially if you use it with digital cameras, there are things that weren't supported yet that is supported in newer versions, like keeping Exif info intact.

I don't use Photoshop myself, I use Corel Photopaint version 9 instead, and I know if I had to use Corel version 5 it would be like getting rid of Windows and going back to DOS.

Since you're from Canada, eh! Future Shop has the Photoshop 7 upgrade for $280cdn...a lot more money, but worth a lot more than throwing away $50cdn on an old version!

Again you'll have to check if you qualify for this upgrade with your older Photoshop.
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Old May 9, 2003, 4:23 AM   #5
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I agree with kschewe, if you want the most bang out of your buck and you still want to stick with the Adobe family I suggest going for Photoshop Elements. it pretty much has everything you would really need in Photoshop.

for another really nice image editing software, I would suggest Jasc Paint Shop Pro (http://www.paintshoppro.com/). I've heard many good things about that program.
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Jaydee: I've used both and I think the big change is the addition of a history feature that tracks more than the one change that v4 allows with the undo feature. This enables you to go back through your most recent changes to undo them.

If you plan on using it a lot, I think it's worth the $50 Cdn.

Good luck,
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