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Old Jun 2, 2004, 9:01 AM   #1
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I finally decided to purchase an MB-D100 for my Nikon D100. So, I did my INTERNET search for a good price from a REPUTABLE vendor. Adorama had the best price at $229.00 + 8.99 shipping. I usually go through B&H (who I SHOULD have ordered with) or my local dealers . Shipping is cheaper than PA state tax. I had never used Adorama before but had read many good reviews, so I placed the order by phone at 2:55 PM on Monday 5/25/04 with Mendy. I told him I needed it by Thursday 5/27/04 because I was going on vacation Friday. He said that there was a very good chance it would be shipped that night, at worst case, the next day (LIE #1). Either way, It would reach me by Thursday. I was also told that I would receive two emails. One confirming the sale, the other confirming shipment. I received the first email immediately. From here on I went down hill.

Adorama had a clear notice on their website that they would be closed Wednesday and Thursday and that any orders placed after closing on Monday would be shipped on Friday. My order was placed on Monday at 2:55 PM and promised for Thursday. UPS from NY to Philadelphia is 1-2 delivery by ground under normal circumstances.

As of Tuesday morning, I still had not received my shipping confirmation and tracking number. So, I called Mendy at 10:30 AM. He told me it was already sent out (LIE #2) and I should receive my confirmation after lunch (LIES #3). 1:30 PM rolls around and still no email. I call back. I get Saul, who tells me Mendy has already left and won't be back until Friday. He then checks my order status and says it hasn't left, but will this evening (LIE #4).

Wednesday morning, still no email with tracking number. The funds have been taken from my account.

Thursday evening, no delivery.

Friday morning we are finishing packing and I call Adorama at 10:00 AM about my order. I am told that Mendy is not in yet and that I need to speak with Rachel in customer service. They don't open until 10:30 AM. So, I call back at 10:30 AM and get stuck on hold for 25 minutes. I guess I'm not the only one pissed off at this point. I finally get through to Rachel. She checks my order and tells me its STILL IN THEIR SHIPPING DEPT. It never left. I explain the situation and give her to options. She can save the sale by overnighting it (Saturday delivery) to me where I will be, or cancel the order completely and immediately return the funds to my account. She says "They don't and never will pay for Saturday delivery." So she cancels the order and she will refund my account that day (LIE #5). I got an email from Adorama confirming a refund dated Monday. As of this this day, the funds still have not reached my account.

After 5 lies... Needless to say, I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM ADORAMA AGAIN.

Yesterday, I ordered my MB-D100 through B&H, who matched Adorama's price. I received my tracking number last night. According to UPS, it will be delivered today. Thanks B&H!
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Interesting. I've read mixed things about adorama. But they usually centered around post-sales issues (returns, damaged-during-delivery issues.) This one is really bad, though. I don't blame you for getting mad.

My experience has been that their price usually matches B&H, so its interesting to hear that theirs is better on some things.

I've never purchased from and hadn't really planned to. Now I have another reason not to.

The only thing I really like about them is their web site is quick and their interface for selecting the class of item that I want is much easier than B&H (its so easy to list all "Canon made Canon EOS mount macro lenses" for example.)

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Old Jun 2, 2004, 4:00 PM   #3
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I haven't ordered from Adorama for many years, but have used B & H several times recently. I ordered a Minolta Dimage IV Film scanner yesterday morning and it was delivered this morning in Omaha.

I've gotten to the point where I don't bother shopping for price anymore, I just order from someone who has demonstrated they have fair prices and great service. Saves lots of frustration.

Of course I'd have to add that I should have thought Adorama would have been a reliable dealer. If they choose to close for a religious holiday, that is certainly something they should be able to do, but they owe honest answers to their customers so that they know what to expect when placing an order. I've found that most people can deal with the truth when that's what they are told.

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Old Jun 2, 2004, 7:20 PM   #4
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Dont Know a whole lot about the company, but have ordered twice from them the last couple of months with no problems.
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Old Jun 3, 2004, 12:00 AM   #5
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i'm sorry to hear that...

ive always ordered from b&h

but 4 months ago, i decided to go with a local camera store, i dont want to mention any names....(cough ritz)

i ordered a nikon 50mm f/2.8 and a nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 to replace my sigmas and go with my other nikons for my d100....about $1100 in change for some glass on one order

i was told 6 to 8 weeks, i thought no problem, i was ordering them for highschool baseball which started in about a week, i can wait, i thought

to make a long story short, the store i orderd from went out of business with two days notice, nobody told me, and the sales person that took my order was upgraded to manager at a store about 20 miles away

about a mounth later, i'm told the lenses went to the old store and noone was notified so they reterned to sender, in maine, im in ohio

they told me they would get them overnighted, the 50mm was, got it the next day, but they forgot the 80-200mm , imagine that

well, i cant shoot baseball with a 50mm, so i waited two more days, nope, no lens

i got the run around for two more monthsafter talking to ritz express, manager after manager, even three nikon reps, even saying i would take my business elsewere

anyway, i finaly got it, after high school baseball season as over

but hey, i got $50 in free prints out of the deal...

sorry, i didnt mean to hijack the thread, just thought id share...
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Old Jun 3, 2004, 1:49 AM   #6
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Your first mistake was wanting the item delivered to you in a hurry. If you had purchase much earlier before your trip, you would have saved yourself the anxiety and stress of chasing them up and eventually cancelling your order.
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Old Jun 3, 2004, 2:01 AM   #7
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Onyx nailed that one!
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Old Jun 3, 2004, 5:13 AM   #8
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Just to add to Onyx's comment, you NEVER buy camera equipment just before you leave on vacation...you'll spend your vacation reading manuals!

Now I realize this is just a battery pack, but if you do a search on Google on the model number one of the first items that comes up is, "Nikon Japan has admitted to the improper fitting of the MB-D100." Rushing, getting ready for your trip you may not have learned about this until you were gone and tried it out!
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Old Jun 3, 2004, 8:02 AM   #9
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Just to let you know, the MB-D100 arrived yesterday afternoon. Thats overnight via ground delivery.

It wasn't a matter of "in a hurry".Its a matter of keeping your word. If they would have shipped it when they said, it would have arrived a on time. Instead they decided to lie and cover their collective asses. Iwantedit (not need) for this weekend, I am shooting a Profield lacrosse game. I wanted last weekend to figure it out.

As for the MB-D100 not fitting correctly, I already knew about issue that quite some time ago. Thats why I waited in buying it. Its on my D100 now. There is some flex in it. I would never mount a tripod to it. But then, any lens I have thatneed a tripod or monopod, have a tripod mount on the lens.

I have learned that B&H has lower shipping costs and will price match Adorama. Guess where my business is going...
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Old Jun 3, 2004, 8:28 AM   #10
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I've had a good experience with Adorama over the years. I just ordered the the MB-D100 and did take over a week to receive. I live on the west coast and usually go with the 3 - 5 day air. If I order on a Sunday, it usually arrives on Tuesday the following week. I also favor B & H, much faster in delivery and never a complaint.

If I need a camera product in a hurry and willing to pay the tax, I walk into my local Samy's Camera and can be sure it's going to work.
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