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To add a shallow DoF effect, I use a blur brush and paint over the background. DoF is nice and they are lots of ways to control or create the effect in PP software.
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Hey i am bringing up this topic.

it is nice to see that this idea comes to life on smartphones after so many years 😊

respect ✊ (to my past self )
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Originally Posted by thisiswhatisthis View Post

with depth of field, we can perceive and simulate the distance in a 2d image.

as cameras get smaller, lenses started to get smaller which caused decreased dof. today, we still require heavy slr cameras and big lenses to get dof.

but i think, image processing technologies can easily imitate dof in compact and ultra compact cameras.

i was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago :

this is the original photo. no dof or slightly dof

this iz the z depth map. camera uses autofocus process to calculate the distance miliseconds before you take the photo. ( lens moves from macro mode to distance view mode and marks areas in corresponding distances. )

image processor blurs the areas accordingly to z depth map acquired from previous step. and you get a image with dof.

the level of artificial dof can be adjusted like 2x 4x 8x with user will...

would it be possible ? what do you think?
I think that commenting on lenses and camera sizes is a very naive way to think of DOF.

In fact the smaller the sensor the harder DOF is to control which is why I use FF and not crop sensors. but many factors are involved
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