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Film is prone to reciprocity failure with very long or very short exposures. Reciprocity is the ability to exchange an aperture setting for a shutter speed such as 1/500 @ f/8 to 1/1000 @ f/5.6. You can under or over expose when you get outside the limits of the product and won't know it until the film is developed. Colour film may have different rates of reciprocity failure on the different colour layers causing funny colour shifts.


A digital sensor doesn't have this problem but get noise instead.

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I think digital has more than matched 35mm film. If you're after the very best image quality possible then medium format film cameras still hold the edge, but nothing will convince me that 35mm film is superior to digital in any way - I'm not saying 35mm is worse or that 35mm users are getting inferior results by sticking with it, just that it has no advantages that I can see.

EDIT: Actually I suppose it's true to say that cheap 35mm cameras will give better results than cheap digital cameras, but by the time you get to the sort of models people on this forum will be using then the results are just as good.
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interestingly I just purchased my film body last night, for a mere 50 bucks AUD for a Pentax P30. The rationale I see for having a film body is this:

- For 50 bux, all my prime lenses suddenly have 'zoom' ie 1.5x or 1x. its a cheap way to convert from a 28mm x 1.5 = 42mm on DSLR to a true 'wide angle' 28mm by slapping it on the film body. Effectively doubling the number of focal lengths i have access to And I cant wait to see a true fisheye view on my 16mm zenitar!

- I thought that a good film, like Fuji Velvia, has on spec a matching resolution of about 25 megapixels? (according to fuji)

- When you want to take good photos at some dodgy places, you dont want to walk around with a $1K camera around your neck! a 1980s film slr will look much much less tempting to thieves, and yet you still get your SLR quality pictures using a good film and lens. (my rationale is the lens has a lesser steal factor than a digital camera perhaps?)

- finally a manual film SLR, even when the metering battery dies, you can still shoot in full manual mode... (of course you got the other limitation of the number of shots u have).

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