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Can anyone explain to me why most allegedly reputable
photo magazines and websites advertise for corrupt and
unethical outfits such as Broadway photo and Digital
liquidators? It is well known that these outfits lie
and cheat most of thier customers. The BBB and Resellerratings.com have hundreds of horror stories about these scoundrels, yet Photo mags and photo ratings websites
still place their ads. Don't they care about thier readers?
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I don't believe that most magazines of that nature (mostly based on product review) care that much about their customers.

It is my general opinion to view most magazines with a great deal of skepticism. The vast majority of their money does not come from subscriptions but from advertisers. This is why most magazines will not give a mad review. I mean a truly, really "this product is a piece of cr*p" review.

Because they know that it could hurt them in the future. This is why magazines like PC Magazine almost never give a bad review… heck, I subscribed to PC Mag when they were owned by Ziff-Davis (who I trusted slightly more than who owns them now) and I still didn't really trust their reviews. I trust them less now.

I have never subscribed to a photo magazine (I've read a few in the library.) I assume the same hold true for Pop Photo and others. If the review on something doesn't appear then it's because they didn't want to lie… so they said nothing instead. This, to me, is not the way it should be done.

So no, I don't think they care how advertises. They probably care if they sold stolen goods… but beyond that? I doubt it.

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Old Aug 4, 2004, 3:28 AM   #3
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Also there is the issue of why these camera stores are still in business, why they haven't been closed down by the authorities. Because the authorities don't believe there are illegal activities going on in those stores, the mags have to accept ads from them...if they didn't, the store could sue the magazine.
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Old Aug 4, 2004, 6:35 AM   #4
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I think the only one who does rate their advertisers, is Popular Photography. I believe that if Popular Photography receives too many negative feedbacks, they will eliminate that company's advertising in their magazine, and the advertising company has no resource to sue, as it is a clearly stated policy, that all sellers must agree to in order to get advertising space.

Also, Maximum PC, when it was called BOOT a few years ago, had great integrity in their reviews. Today....not so sure.
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I believe that some of the photo gear sellers who use questionable practices are actually breaking the law (for example they regularly conduct bait-and-switch, which is illegal.) And some do get shut down, only to start back up again (maybe even in the same physical room) with a different name and the same people doing the same thing.

This is why when you look at resellerratings, they some times point out that store X is really store Y, go look at their bad reviews over there.

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