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penyekz Feb 9, 2003 9:21 AM

Advice choosing between Sony P9 and Canon Ixus V3
Hi, I really need some advice between the 2 cameras as this will be my first DC. I was looking at the canon V3 (called PowerShot S230 i think) before x'mas and was quite set on it but I just found out that the sony P9 cost just a little more. I was never a fan of sony having experienced many of their products breaking down easily but this may not be the case this time. Steve's review of them are good and so far, these are the differences I found:
3MP, 2x zoom, movie limited to 3 minutes but are VGA (640 x 480), no speaker, poor red eye reduction

4MP, 3x zoom, capable of recording (320 x 280) movies as long as memory permits, built in speaker, good red eye reduction

I don't know about the picture quality of the 2... Are they the same? And is 4MP really important? (I do like to print my own pics) And how bout build quality - Is the sony reliable? I need an all-round camera that will last me a long time... and although I'm not an expert photographer, I would like some manual control to play with... I'm not sure about wat I really need as all my cameras were point and shoot ones.

As another point, I heard from another site that the P7 is newer than the P9 and that the P7 has fixed certain problems the P9 had... Is this true?

Please advice which one is better.
Thanks in advance!

Oh, and to add to the confusion, i read that sony is gonna release 3 new cameras... The P72 which seems to be a major improvement over the P7.

penyekz Feb 12, 2003 9:17 AM

some help please! After more research and reading, I've narrowed my choices down to the Canon S45 or Sony P9... I don't like the S230's 2x optical zoom.

So which of these cameras are better? Is there a way around the red eye problem with the canon other than photoshop?

Need some advice please as I need to decide very soon... A friend's coming over from japan.

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