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Default Advice needed for buying new camera. Please read profile...

Dear reader.

Within a few weeks I want to buy myself a brand new digital camera. About 5 years ago I bought a Minolta Dimage EX1500 (advised by Steve himselve). Nice camera. Now I want something more professional. Maybe you can give me a wise advice.

When I ask people to advice me, they start asking me 2 questions in return: What are you going to do with your camera and what’s your budget?

Well, if you have some time left, please read this user's profile…

• Local press:
- Coverage of news and backgrounds in a wide spectrum
- Cultural events: music, sports and arts

• Portraits en scenes:
- Artistic pictures, for private use only. In the mean time trying to improve my qualities so other people get interested as well.
- Photographs from acted scenes. As a piece of art, or as a model for drawing and painting

• Technical Purposes (professionally):
- Making pictures of scenes for use in combination with 3D-visualisation. For example: making pictures of a certain area, then insert a 3D-model made in 3D-studio.
- Making pictures of architectural or industrial objects for discussion and for working out in AutoCAD or 3D-Studio
- Making Pictures for technical presentations and shows

• Generally:
- Making pictures from people, animals, nature and all other things I love.
- Making pictures on vacation or trips to remember.
- Making pictures for friends and relatives: parties, exhibitions, family portraits, graduations and ofcourse shooting weddings.

• Enough pixels to make a sharp print on 30cm x 20cm (A4)
• Camera should be fast in switching on, focussing and pictureprocessing.
• Making a lot of shots in a short time, without confirmation requests like “save yes/no?”
• No soft-touch buttons, so the camera cannot be switched on while carrying it in a bag or suitcase.
• Lens angle from about 35 – 40 to 150 – 180. Aperture about 3.5 in wide
• Aperture priority / shutter priority and full automatically
• Shutter speed ca. 1/2000 to 10 or 15s + Bulb
• Light metering in center (spotmetering)
• Remote control would be nice
• Hot shoe for external flash
• Price up to $ 2000,-

I have in mind:
• Olympus C-5050
• Canon Powershot G3
• Nikon Coolpix 5700
• Canon EOS 10D with Canon EF 28-105mm / 3.5-4.5 USM

Can you help me choosing a proper camera? Thanks in advance!

Best regards.

Peter Roek
Roosendaal (NL)
[email protected]
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Wow. What can I say? Those are some high standards, Peter. I personally don't think you can get away with using the Olympus C-5050 and the Canon Powershot G3 with your requirements. Canon 10D seems to be your best bet here. Have you looked at other SLRs? Maybe an Olympus E-20N?

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Old Mar 31, 2003, 6:30 PM   #3
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I'd have to agree (even though I personally like the C-5050)...dSLRs are the way to get *most* of those needs. A consumer camera doesn't come close.
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Default All

I can say after reading your text is that I started with a Sony 505v. I now have an Olympus C2100 UZ with a FL40 flash and B=300 lens. I use it sucessfully for birds and portraits The flash will zoom with the lens and I can hand hold the camera. Digital zoom does not scare me....I have sitiched a number of digital panorama shots for landscapes.

I also have and use a Sony 717 (it replaced my 505v) for gathering material for pastel paintings. It also has a flash attachment and I often rotate it at 45 degrees and attach a 6 x 7 white card on top of it with velcor to bounce the light. For a tripod I use a cheap flimsy and very wobbly waste high one that folds to about 10 inches. I then use a remote for the shutter release> the entire set up is simple and very easy to carry. I am 72 and disabled so I like stuff that is simple and I can carry. The color especially with clever aperature settings is outstanding not always as a photo but for an artist who is looking for an effect.

I also have a Nikon 995 and every kind of lens and hood gaget you can think of. Except for the wide angle lens I hate it. The dam LCD screen is to tiny to use even with a magnifyer and can not be seen on a bright day....thus you can not get at the menus. The only reason I keep the camera is that some day I might try digitscoping?

Good luck...
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Old Apr 1, 2003, 3:10 AM   #5
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Yes, it looks like dslr's to me, unless you are prepared to compromise and prioritise your profile list. In which case prosumers cams might then give better value.

Just curious, but if you weren't thinking digital, which conventional film camera would you choose?
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Old Apr 3, 2003, 12:52 PM   #6
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I will recommend you to buy 2 cameras.

1. Compact - Canon G3
2. DSlr - Canon Powershot Pro 90IS , Olympus E-10,
Minolta Dimage7i,
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well you left out the D7Hi which fills just about everything there on you list without going to a Dslr. faster focus, higher buffer, better zoom then all of the others except th 10D. remember if you like wide angle the 10D will be more costly because of the mag factor. a 28-105 is roughly a 44-168. if you love tele thats the one for you.

everything today is a give and take.

your tech section is a a lot take. most of the consumer lenses stop at 35-38. if your serious about it we're talking WA perspective correction lens ($$$) if your serious about architectual shots. then your back to the 10D minimum.

after rereading this a few times it sounds like you want the ultimate do all camera just like what i'm looking for. i'm leading into a 1Ds and biting the bullet but even then that camera falls short a bit versus my F5
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I agree with sjms, either the D7Hi or the D7i for a lower cost this side of dSLR (the D7's wide-angle is 28mm); Otherwise the lens for wide-angle will bite you. Unless of course you go for a full-frame dSLR (but then a wide-angle lens is still cheaper than a full-frame dSLR) :lol:

BTW Nikon seems to have a wide-angle zoom designed just for this purpose for their D100!
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