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Default Airport security

I know this is a very common question, but I did quick search on the internet and couldn't find a satisfying answer.

Will airport security check damage my digital camera and SD memory card? Is it safer to leave it in my luggage or to bring it on the plane with me?

Thank you
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I sure wouldn't leave my camera in my luggage, and I've had no data loss due to the screeners.
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Bring it with you. As far as I know, the memory in a SD card is the same as with a CF card. A CF card is not hurt by the security equipment, nor is your camera.

Reead this for more info about carrying the equipment on:


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Old Dec 21, 2003, 6:30 PM   #4
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Your camera or memory will not be damaged by screeing systems at the airport. DO NOT put your camera in your luggage, carry the camera onboard with you. I carry my camera, printer and laptop with me each time I fly.
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Old Dec 22, 2003, 8:54 AM   #5
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Your camera and SD card should not be damaged by the x-ray machine, because x-rays cause problems for light sensitive equipment (film). Just remember that the effects of x-rays or cummultive. That is why your doctor would rather not x-ray you if they don't really have to (like your dentist can look at an old x-ray if necessary).

I notice you are in Canada. I don't know about in the Great White North, but in the US you still can insist for a hand inspection. That doesn't mean you're going to get one, especially around the holidays or other busy travel period. Plus, if you insist on a hand inspection, they'll probably screen you, make you take off your shoes, wand you, etc...
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When I bought my camera a CP5700, the salesman told us it was possible to get a few hot pixels on the LCD monitor from X-ray equipment. This may happen over time anyway. Hot pixels will not affect the picture taken only the monitor.

It is virtually impossible to get your digital camera hand checked at a Canadian airport. The security person has to see inside your camera, which of course is not possible.

THe Canadian magazine Photolife has an excellent article about Airport X-rays in the Jan2004 issue. The article is about damae to regular film but does go into your rights at Canadian airport security. Highly recomend the magazine anyway. BTW there is also an French edition.

Good Luck Susie
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Old Dec 22, 2003, 11:56 PM   #7
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I too carry my prized equipment with me while flying.

Years ago, I had watched an informative news piece regarding baggage handling. Some not so respectable handlers!
However, I would think with tighter security (now), there would be less theft. Regardless, I don't take that chance.

Aside from that, I have seen how luggage is handled and after witnessing it...I understood why some of my items arrived to me broken.
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