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I will be traveling in two weeks and have a couple of airtravel questions. This will be only the third time I have travel by air and the first time I am taking my camera equipment with me.

1.) Do I need to unpack my gear at security and put it in one of those grey trays or just leave it packed in my small lowpro nova 1 camera bag -- I will be traveling with the Fuji S-5100, 3 extra sets of batteries a half a dozen memory cards plus a mini 40GB external hard drive (so I can off load images to it from my camera through my brothers laptop while I am on the trip). My small wall outlet battery charger will be in my main suitcase.

2.) I will be flying Airtrain -- does anyone know if I am allowed to take pictures out the window or will that get the airmarshall coming after me.......

3.) Any other travel tips/security tips anynne case pass along to make this go smoothly.

Or I will fly through Richmond and Atlanta in case anyone has tips specific for those airports.

Thanks to everyone for reading and your help with this.

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1. No need to unpack, just leave it in the case. You will have to put it in one of those trays and put it through the x-ray unit.

2. If you're flying on the Airtrain at JFK, you're going to be disappointed...it doesn't fly anywhere - it runs on rails - it's a train, not a plane. Assuming you meant taking pictures while flying on a plane, the normal procedure is...no electronic devices may be used (and a digital camera is considered an electronic device) until the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet. The flight crew will notify you when you can use them. As the aircraft is making its final descent, you will be told to turn off all electronoic devices. Other than that, you can take all the pics you want...just hope for clear skies, otherwise, you won't get to take pictures of anything besides clouds.

3. Check with the flight crew before you take off to see if you are allowed to take pictures during takeoff and landing. Most will say no, but I had one tell me it was OK. Just make sure you turn the "BEEP" off on your camera, so somebody doesn't complain.

Bon voyage.

the Hun

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I think Photo 5 meant "AirTran" the airline.

I've only flown a couple of times. Both times, I put my camera bag in the grey tray and left the cover flap open. The TSA people didn't do anything the first time, but on my last trip they took the camera out and went around it with one of those swab things that checks for chemicals/explosives/whatever. (That was after it went through the X-ray machine.) They eyeballed my spare batteries and lens cleaning kit, then let me put it all back.

Once you reach cruise altitude (or whenever they OK use of electronic devices), you should be fine taking pictures out the window. I did a lot of that on both of my trips (Spirit to Denver, Delta to Panama City FL via Atlanta) and nobody gave me any hassle. On the Atlanta-Panama City leg, I had my little GPS receiver on and it found 4 satellites; a flight attendant saw it and asked where we were. I could give him our latitude and longitude to 5 decimal places (which were changing quickly) and our altitude and ground speed (approx. 29,000 feet and 550 MPH), but had no idea where we were on a map.

Atlanta is very big. While we waited for our ASA connection, I took quite a few pictures out the window. Nobody seemed to mind.
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Yes I meant AirTrain the airline. I can undersatand about them eyballing your cleaning kit if it had chemicals in it.... I will only take a lense cleaning cloth with me on this trip.

Thanks for the replies to both of you.

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