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Sigmeister Sep 23, 2005 1:48 PM

I am presently researching a new camera purchase. I have used a Canon G-1 for nearly six years at work. I am trying to decide whether to go with a DSLR or UpperEnd PS . I expected after six years and looking at the DSLR's that the images would look significantly better than my G1. We'll I'm not so sure that is the case. I have looked at both the ist-DS and E-300. Both seem to have soft images. From what I've read the images can be improved through software. My problem is the trouble involved with re-sharpening each and every picture to get them to look as good as my old G1, when I am thinking they should look much better right out of the camera. So, then I decide to research the G6, which brings me to my question. Does it have any better glass than the G1 or is it just new electronics and more megapixles? Several years ago I bought my wife a new camera and did some side by side comparisons and resolution tests with three prospective cameras. With minimum attention given to the megapixel issue, I picked the camera with the best lens. As I understand it, megapixels only really improve the ability to increase the size of the print. Smaller prints and viewing photos on TV and computer don't benefit from more MP. I know I have touched on a lot of issues but I am confused and trying give myself the best chance for success.

slipe Sep 23, 2005 2:15 PM

The G1 and G6 have different lenses. Focal lengths are different. They both have excellent lenses – not sure I could say it is "better" glass.

You seem to have a good handle on Mp. If you don't make large prints or crop a lot your G1 is probably as good as anything you can get in a prosumer camera for image quality. Newer cameras tend to be faster for shutter lag and cycle times, have better battery life and more features.

I took a quick look at the E300 and it does have some settings for in-camera sharpening. Many people shoot with minimum sharpening and contrast for post processing. But you could likely get shots the way you like them right from the camera with most DSLRs. You could bulk process the sharpening as well. There is even freeware that will bulk sharpen, but you would probably do better with a decent editor and maybe a plug-in for it.

Go to the Oly DSLR board and see if you can get someone to post some shots with the sharpening, contrast and saturation boosted a little. The results might be fine for you right from the camera.

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