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Default Already own a Fuji S602z, should I upgrade to f717 or N5700?

any suggestions, thoughts or comments?
basically just an amateur who has the potential of becoming a hobbyist- wants to make awesome A4 prints, do college photo exhibits etc.
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please post some suggestions!!!!
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From a Fuji S602z, I would not go to a N5700 as an "upgrade" . I don't know much about the Sony.
Don't misunderstand me, I mean I guess that the S602z is already a great cam, so my question is , is it worth the upgrade to another "same class camera " unless it really makes difference with a 5 Mpix pic for your needs.

Are the "interpolated" 6 Mpix pics not suitable for your needs?
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Well for one the S602 is really a 3Mpixels camera with Fuji 'non-Bayer' patterned CCD. They managed to interpolate the result to 6Mpixels, but like most users have observed it's hard to tell the differences!


If you want more of the same then go for Sony (but throw away your flash cards) or the 5700 (and get the Nikon cachet as a bonus). If you want more features and manual controls so you can grow into then go for the D7i...
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Default Dont bother

I wouldnt bother switching to a 5700 or a 7hi or even the sony. Out of all the Sony has the best sharpness at least when veiwing on a monitor. Do some comparison shots and PRINT them. What i found and i know some 5700 and 7HI owners are gunna flame me but got the best printed results with the 602Z. I used pictures from
http://www.dcresource.com i used the 6 megal pixel shot of a , i guess its a house or store or somthing and downloaded the 6 mega pixel shot from the 602 and the 5 mega pixel shot from the 7i, i then downsized the 602 to 5 megal pixel resolution and printed them at 8.5 by 11 on an Epson 780. The 602 was cleary the sharper or the 2 and i had 4 other people pick to all said the same thing as i thought. I also did a picture of a house from another site http://www.imaging-resource.com/ this time i use the 5700 and the 602 the 602 was 6 mega pixel which i downsized to 5 mega pixel in Photo shop 7 and printed both of those, again i though and other that the 602 had the best print. I use Qimage Pro to do all printing, all prints were 8.5 by 11 inch.

So i cant see a reason to switch but if you dont like the 602 thats up to you. Only one i didnt compare prints against was the Sony, i wouldnt get a camera with those memory sticks as i have to much CF cards a reader that doesnt do those sticks and on top of that they are more expensive and still right now only come in 128 meg. Plus i wanted at least 6X zoom, sony only 5x.
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