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Default Alternate camera advice/options

My old reliable Nikon Coolpix 800 that I've had since it came out died on me and I think it's time to get a new digicam. A friend of mine recently got a Canon A70 and my brief inspection and handling of it were favorable. I'm thinking about the A80 for myself, which can be found at my pricepoint of around $350 (shipped, in fact.)

I have 3 sets of AA Nimhs and 2 256Mb CompactFlash cards, so I want a camera that can make use of those. 4MP or greater would be ideal. Obviously, high quality pictures are desireable. The manual features of the A80 are appealing too. (Depending on what I'm shooting, I sometimes lock focus at infinity to minimize lag time. I also like long-exposure night shots, etc.) I'd like greater than 3x optical zoom, but I can live with it. I considered my friend's A70 pocket-sized after my CP800, but smaller is even better (though probably not if it means sacrificing manual control.) Anyone who owns one think I'd be happy with a Canon S400?

So given that, I'd like advice as to what else you'd recommend. I'm hoping to make a purchase (probably online) this weekend so I can have it before I fly home for the holidays. And advice at all is welcome.

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If you want to stick with CF and AA look at the Minolta 414. 4Mp and 4X zoom. Good reviews. I use the continuous focus on my D7i quite a bit and the 414 also has it. It lets you pre-focus to reduce the shutter lag in more situations and you never get a blurred picture because someone or something moved out of focus during shutter lag. Hardly anyone mentions it as a big deal but I really like it. It has a larger LCD than the A80 but it doesn’t flip out. I like the flip out enough to sacrifice the size.

The S400 is about the smallest thing you can fit in your pocket that takes CF. Nice little camera. It has manual mode but not aperture or shutter priority. I find the sports and portrait modes accomplish most of what you would use those for. My little camera has all the modes but I mostly use manual when I leave program mode. I wish my cameras had the orientation sensor like the S400 so all the pictures would display the right way without having to rotate the ones I took with the camera vertical.
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