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JamesArthurKing Jun 29, 2004 2:40 PM

Instead of paying countless dollars on a zoom lens heres something I tried with success. I took the 70x scope off my m-14 and designed a mount to attach it to the camera eye.
Then I reinforced it with some peices of coat hanger. It works best if the scope is completely zoomed out.
Then if you have a zoom on the camera use it to focus. In the case you donot have a zoom on the camera, the scope zoom will do.
I was able to photograph the moon with it and got some really clear detail. I can bring 3/4 of a mile upto around 20 feet with it.
So my advice is to give it a try. (Only if youre willing to sacrifice a rifle scope) In my case I have 3 scopes so I can afford to sacrifice one.

eric s Jun 29, 2004 4:18 PM

People have been doing similar things for many years now, and its gained the name "digiscoping". There is a forum dedicated to it at this site. Look for it a ways down the list of forums.

You can produce some surprisingly good results doing it, but you can also produce some rather low quality pictures as well. It takes some skill to get it right.


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