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ursa Jul 8, 2002 10:39 PM

another question - Apple in Italy
I'm planning on heading to the 'old' country next year, that being Italy. I plan on taking a 4 MP digicam but will need to offload the pictures from the memory card to a hard-drive or CD-R. I'd like to use my Apple iPod MP3 player which doubles as a 5 gig hard-drive.

Can someone tell me if Apple has a strong retail network in Italy. I'd like to if possible 'borrow' some time on a newish Mac in a store and cross-load (camera to Mac to iPod) the files to the iPod a couple of times. I need a mac since the iPod is a IEEE 1394 (firewire) connection and any of the cameras I'm looking at use USB, all mac's support both connections.

I'm asking now because if I'm stuck without a mac then I'll have to buy one of those 'digital wallets' which will reduce how much camera I can afford.

any other idea's??? what about burning to CD-R how easy would that be?

I'm not planning on being in Rome the entire time, so the more options the better.

thx in advance

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