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As you probably know, optical stabilization is when there's a prism in the lens that is moved so it projects the image correctly on the sensor even when the camera is shaking.
Anti-shake is, instead, when the sensor is mounted on a movable platform and it moves as the camera shakes.

So: which is better? Minolta says anti-shake is superior, but since nobody considers their digicams a miracle I'm kinda suspicious...
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You're going to get a lot of opinions on which is better. A benefit of the in-camera is that it makes every lens anti-shake.

Some benefits of in-lens are the image in optical viewfinder is steady.

There is also the question of how well in-body IS works on longer telephoto lenses - even the review of the Sony alpha over at DP Review still questions this aspect. It's an unknown and the longer the lens the more beneficial IS really is.

I think we'll have a much better idea after a year with the Sony alpha for people to really give it a workout with long/heavy glass where it's affectivenes will either be proved or disproved.
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