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"What movie are you making?" <Yup, movie...>

"You can't take pictures here!" <Yeah, and this is public land, YOU can't tell me what not to photograph.>

"That's a huge lens!" <It's not the size, but how how you use it! :-) It's only a 70-200 anyway>

Most people are accostumed to their point & shoot cameras, and nowadays, camera phones. When they see something big or different they automatically think professional grade. And those same folks aquire professional grade equipment expect to get professional grade results with their unrefined/lacking talent :roll: And then b!tch about how much money they "wasted" and how their point & shoot used to take better pictures :-)
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PeterP wrote:
More odd is the number of people who think they have to honk their car horn when driving by, and you are set up just off the road.
That's much more annoying when you're shooting video. Anywhere you're filming with people or cars nearby you get people honking their horns, leaping in front of the camera etc.
I wish they'd use their brains and see there's clearly no broadcast truck witha satellite dish next to me, so it isn't going out live, and that in that case the shot with you gurning amd shrieking like a baboon in the background isn't going to be used.
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:-)Well it might eventually get used, but in a stupidest passersby segment.:blah:

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since I have my D70 I recognized that people look at you, and big lenses are always like *wow* that's a professional. (wish I were)
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