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I have an approximately 35-40MP, depending on how I crop, panorama with about a 160 degree viewing angle. It is ruffly 19000x2000 pixels in size. At 300 PPI and printed at 300 DPI this would require that the print be 6.7" x 63", which is 5.25 feet long!!!

I am aware that winkflash.comUSED TO allow you to print a up to 44"x66" but a recent check at there website reveals that they are know only advertising print sizes up to 18x24.

Andorma.com only "pano" size is 4x12", which is a ratio of 3:1. I need printing options with approximately 10:1 or any size that will go up to 63" so that I can cut away the white space.

I do not want to buy another printer (mine is 8.5x11 at it's largest which would yeild a 1" x 11" print with this pano in question). So if anyone knows of an online printing company that would be able to do what I want then please help me. To view the picture in question go here: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=90

Thanks in advance for your help. I'd also like the cost of such a print to be below $100
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63 inches long for under $100, huh?

Well... that may be a bit optimistic.

Give these guys a yell and see if they may have a product available (you'd have to trim away the space not printed on).

I know they won't do prints with that kind of aspect ratio. But, you may be able to talk them down on the prices for the sizes they do offer:


They've got some pretty inexpensive "internet only" prices here (but it looks like the sizes stop at 30x60 inches for these (with a note that new software and sizes are coming soon). I don't know if the order entry screen will show you larger sizes than this ornot.


I haven't personally used them.

But, I know someone that was very pleased with a 20x30" print they had made from an image that was less than 3 Megapixels after cropping (and they didn't even interpolate it, as the printer suggested letting them use their RIP instead for best results).

They only spent about $20 (including the shipping) for it via the special these guys were running at the time, which wasa year or so ago.

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You might be able to use your printer with roll paper. It depends if your print sofware supports a very long custom paper size. A company called Exim-Vaios sells some very good paper in 8 inch rolls that will fit a typical 8.5 x 11 printer. They also sell primitive, but effective, roll adaptors. You could make your own roll adaptor with a piece of pipe and some plywood if you want.


I have a 10 inch wide roll and the adaptor from them, and both work well with my printer. Make sure your ink tanks are full before you print full size!
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nelmr wrote:
I need printing options with approximately 10:1 or any size that will go up to 63" so that I can cut away the white space.
Don't do that!! You can stick another image on the white space.

Using my image editor (PSP7) I put three 30"x6" panoramas one above the other and used the French/UK's Wanadoo Photobox cheap photoprinting service to do me a 30"x20" print with all three on, for me to cut up.

I did three copies of the same image of the Edinburgh skyline - one for me, one for my daughter (studentin Edinburgh), and one for the in-laws. In future I'll put three different images on the same sheet, as I have lots of nice panoramas generated quickly & easily with 'Photostitch' from Columbia University.

I admit that it's only 5:1 and not 10:1, but you could always get a left half and a right half printed, and mount them side by side. Before the advent of this service, I used to produce mosaics of A4 inkjet prints, which impressed people a lot. One of these hangs over my fireplace, and nobody has yet admitted to seeing the joins until I tell them they're there. So you could do huge prints by mounting 30x20s alongside each other.

Before I had a digicam I did a 36"x10" (9500x2500) print from filmscanned negatives on 6 side-by-side portrait A4 sheets. During our village millennium celebrationsI did an extra set of prints and a local farmer's wife & keen photographer mounted them (or paid someone a lot to do it) and framed them, and the result...


...hung over the fireplace of one of our local pubs for a couple of months, to some acclaim. No-one noticed the joins.

Good luck!

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There is a site: www.panoramaprint.nl that does what you want, any size up to 60" by 100 ft!

Please note it is a Dutch site, send an e-mail to [email protected] if you can't figure out how it works.
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