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I'm a new forum member and, infact, have spent the last year thoroughly researching various digital camera website professional and user reviews of cameras and technology, in preparation for buying my first dslr. So I am hungry for camera and technology knowledge and dialogue. This makes me a newbie to the entire digital camera scene, so I speak with some hesitation when I say that I find the past couple weeks of photokina news to be useless. Please let me explain. This is how it feels: while the professionals who write articles for their fantastic camera web sites are away at photokina, the usual terrific information and reviews that we love to read is on hold. Everyday I check my favorite digital camera websites waiting for a new article or review of substance and all I get is the latest announcement from photokina of stuff that we won't even be able to buy for at least a couple months and (here's my real gripe) stuff that's been mostly preannounced for the last couple months. My wish would be that the web site editors make these announcments side margine links and just stay home and continue writing their extremely valuable articles and reviews.

Even as I write, I realize that this is a ridiculous request: the editors deserve their annual break for a little excitement. Photokina has become an anticipated part of the readers annual cycle of following the reviews of new stuff that gets announced at photokina to their delight. I'm sure when I go through 12 months following the articles on sites like Stevesdigicam I will look forward for the photokina September. But for now, I was just wondering if my boredom with two weeks of Photokina was shared by any of the seasoned digital camera users.

Thank you, from Chacha1.
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Since most new items at Photokina and PMA are announced prior to the start of the show, or on the opening day, the rest of the news from such shows is rather dull.

But then, I browse the forums to maybe learn some tip about my gear, or learn about some unique accessory someone has found and to answer some posts, if I feel I have something to contribute. New camera announcements are always interesting, of course, but not my primary reason for being here.

These shows ARE a big deal in the photography world, so full coverage is to be expected. Camera reviews come when they come. All you can do is wait.
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