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Old Jan 30, 2008, 9:52 AM   #1
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Has anyone bought a camera from Time 2 Envy? They have one of those almost too good to be true prices on a canon 40d body ($985). But there ebay rep isn't too bad and I couldn't find anything bad about them on reseller ratings. Anyone with personal experience?

Thanks for your time.

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Old Jan 30, 2008, 7:57 PM   #2
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I've seen Time2Envy listings on eBay, but always thought they were on the expensive side. It seems that they currently have the lowest 'Buy It Now' price on the Canon 40D, and their feedback is slightly better that others offering similar prices.
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Old Jan 30, 2008, 9:08 PM   #3
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Why do I always doubt these 'great' deals? How can Time2Envy afford to sell a camera for $150-$250 less than just about every legitimate retailer and online merchant around? And throw in a memory card, a camera case, a card reader, a lens cleaning kit, LCD protectors, and two tripods...and then ship it for nothing? And pay their ebay fee? Low overhead? No sales commissions? Volume discount? Located in Brooklyn? Come on...

Let's take a look at what comes in the box...

Time 2Envy:

• Battery Pack
• Battery Charger
• Wide Neck Strap
• Video Cable
• USB Interface Cable

Canon USA website:

Battery Pack BP-511A
Battery Charger CG-580
Wide Neck Strap EW-100DGR
Video Cable VC-100
USB Interface Cable IFC-200U

Are those all the same items? Will you be getting genuine Canon accessories? Or will you be getting cheap, generic or counterfeit crap? Why doesn't the ebay listing identify the Canon numbers? Trying to save a little bandwith?

How about warranty?


"Each purchase from Time2Envy comes supplied with a 1 year parts and 90 days labor store warranty."

Canon USA website:

"Your EOS Digital Camera , when delivered to you in new condition in its original container, is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship as follows: for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase, defective parts or a defective EOS Digital Camera returned to Canon U.S.A. or Canon Canada, or their authorized EOS Digital Camera service providers, as applicable, and proven to be defective upon inspection, will be repaired with new or comparable rebuilt parts or exchanged for a refurbished EOS Digital Camera, as determined by Canon U.S.A. or Canon Canada, or the authorized EOS Digital Camera service center."

Are they the same? Doesn't sound like it to me. Doesn't say anything about manufacturer's warranty, does it? 90 day IN-STORE warranty? Their store? In Brooklyn?

Good luck.

the Hun
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Old Feb 6, 2008, 10:06 PM   #4
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i agree with the hun! and besides b&h has it 1149, and you know you will get your product!
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Old Feb 7, 2008, 1:26 PM   #5
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This company is a real disgrace. WATCH OUT! I got ripped off with a international model that died on me. Now paying 1,700 to get it fixed. These guys are all full of lies! They will tell you what you want to hear and then stick you with the problems! STAY AWAY!!!!
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Old Feb 27, 2008, 7:34 PM   #6
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Found a great deal for a Canon 40D with Time2Envy on Ebay.I realize that they specialize in overseas models and ebay ad does notsay Canon 1yr US warranty, but when Icalled to ask (spoke to a Brady)if they carried the US warranty covered models...there response was "YES" for the SAME PRICE.

Called again the next day (spoke to a Phil) to get a pricing on an addt'l lens and reverified info from day before. Slepted on it because it was going to be an approx $2500 purchase.

Called to finally order on the third day, prefaced my call that I would be ordering today...reverified prior days info because do not know if I'm talking to.

THAT IS WHEN THINGS BECAME UGLY! He became very aggressive and harsh. He told me if a pixel got popped, Canon would charge me $200 for labor. I replied "that is ok, if a pixel pops do to myinadequate camera care that is something I will have to pay for anyways, and if it was a manufactures defect the 1 yr warranty will cover it." He then went on to say that my error wouldcost me over $700 to repair. I told him "for that price, I would just buy a new body." He then becamevery irrate, while I continued to stay polite and calm. Ieven told him"I do not understand why you are being soaggressive and harsh w/ your tone.I have not been rude or impolite." His response was: "By the way, there are NO LONGER ANY US MODELS AVAILABLE!" During his rant he said since I waited so long there are no more...You have called me the last three days to reverify the same info and wasted my time...

I told him that my questions and calls were obviously warranted if you only have a limited amount of US models, and that yourebay add says tocall w/ any questions.

IN CONCLUSION: I spoke to the same guy who gave me 2 different names, they are selling foriegn models for the same price as US warranty covered models, yeah right!I do not know how I could have wasted his time (maybe a total of 10 min. cumulatively)when I was resulting in a $2500 order, which included and addt'l sale beyond the kit offered by ebay...unless his only concern was to sale a $300 or over warranty to avoidproblems withsaying he selling me a US Canon when he is not. BOTTOMLINE: NO RECOURSE FOR DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS UNLESS YOU COUGH UP ANOTHER $300.

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Old Feb 29, 2008, 6:00 PM   #7
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No enrty at resellerratings.com.

And with a name like 'Time 2 Envy' would you trust them?
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Old Mar 8, 2008, 10:46 AM   #8
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Alright, hopefully many of you have found this through the negative feedback that I left on Ebay for time2envy. It is not my goal to deface this company, rather it is to give you my experience so that you can judge for yourself.Unfortunately, Ebay doesn't give you nearly enough room to write a descriptive feedback, so I suppose this is my alternative.

First, a quick bit about me. I am 25 years old, owna house, will be married in two months time (god willing she doesn't havea change of heart ;-) ), have held one job since graduating from undergrad, and I'm currently half way through my MBA program at a major university in Atlanta, Ga. I only say this to get you to believe that I am probably a lot like you and not crazy or hard to please.

With that said let me give you a list of reasons detailing why I would never do business with time2envy again and why you shouldn't either!

-On the feed back they left me, they say they have no record of me contacting them, which Jim, the customer service manager, could not justify as I rattled off a few of the names of the people that I talked to. How convenient for them!

-Before I won the auction I called time2envy to verify that the camera would be from NIKON USA, the sales rep said that this would not be a problem and that they could take my order right then over the phone. At this point they began to incentivize me to order outside of Ebay, which I did not like as I knew I would have no recourse if something went wrong.

-I refused to do the transaction outside ebay, so I went back to ebay, won the auction and then called time2Envy to request that the camerabe a USA model before I actually made payment. Now, all of the sudden the USA model is a $75 upgrade, which they failed to tell me about before. At this point the say they can drop the upgrade charge if I will pay them over the phone! Again I refused as Brady, the sales rep, spent 10 minutes trying to up sell me on various so called "deals" which were outside of the scope of the auction and were only available if I ordered over the phone. I told him time and time again that all I wanted was what was in the auction and for the camera to be USA and for the package to be insured. You would think that a package costing $2300 would already have insurance embedded in the price, but not with time2Envy; this was an extra $40 or so.

-I paid for the USA model and the insurance, which I would not have done had the price not been good ($2299 for Nikon D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, and a bunch of other stuff). As you might guess, the package came uninsured and the camera was not a USA model!

-I called Brady, he apologized but did not offer to pay for me to reship the camera back in order to get a replacement. Additionally, he did not offer to refund my money on either the insurance or the up charge for the USA model. All he offered was a three year warranty that covers the build and electrical for the camera. I accepted this offer as I the camera worked perfectly and didn't have a scratch on it, and the price was still competitive.

-After waiting for two weeks for the extended warranty, I finally got fed up and left negative feedback on ebay. Within minutes, Jim ext. 512, the customer service manager, called me asking what the problem was. I told him everything above, and that at this point all I wanted was the extended warranty I was promised. He said he would send it to me and pressured me to mutually withdraw the feedback while I was on the phone with him. I told him that I would just as soon as I got the warranty. This was unacceptable to him. They again tried to incentivize me with additional products (lens filter, and extra battery that they valued at $200, and I valued at about $60) with the goal of getting me to withdraw the feedback while I was still on the phone.

**Lets think about this Jim, why would I withdraw my feedback based on your promise of an extended warranty that I cannot confirm when your company has already promised to upgrade to a US model, insure the package and send me an extended warranty that never came. I refused to withdraw the feedback until I received the warranty. I told him that if they would overnight the warranty, I would remove the feedback the next day. This was not fast enough for him.**

-Within 4hours I received feedback sayingthattime2envyhadno record of me calling them and that there must have been some miscommunication. They also said that I was a hard customer to please and questioned how I could be still be unhappy after they offered me $200 (yeah right) worth of stuff.

So if you decide you want to buy from time2envy, expect a few things:

1)If you win a high ticket auction with multiple products in it, expect it not to come as described. 2)Expect a lot of uncomfortable up selling.3)Expect time2envy to make every attempt to bring the transaction outside of ebay. 4)Expect your package to be uninsured. 5)Expect that if time2envy messes up the order, and you are unhappy with it, they will try to deface you in order to make themselves look better. 6)Expect to leave every phone call feeling like time2envy uses shady business practices. 7) and expect time2envy to use aggressive negotiation tactics that are completely illogical. Why should there be any negotiations for a predefined auction?

Time2envy is the only seller to ever give me negative feedback. Feel free to scan through their feedback to see how many of them were mysteriously withdrawn. I have left out some other negative experiences with this company, but I feel that I have said enough. However, I can always list more reasons not to buy from this company if need be.

The best decision you could make would be to buy from a more reputable price leader like adorama or b&h. With time2envy, my transaction, service, and treatment as a customer was horrible; pay the same or a little more somewhere else and save yourself a headache.

One last thing, if I were ebay, I would be wondering how many thousands of transactions should have gone through ebay but didn't. Shady, shady, shady!!


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You didn't really "win" anything...there was no auction - yours was a "buy it now" transaction. You didn't bid, you didn't have to compete with anyone...you simply paid t2e the fee he wanted for his camera.

You have a college degree...you're working on your masters...and you couldn't figure out you were getting screwed? No, I think you knew. I think you saw it coming. But you, just like so many other people out there were afraid to admit it. You were afraid you might "lose" the auction. You were afraid you might lose out on a "deal". So you let him bully you around...extort even more money from you...so you wouldn't lose out on the "deal". You were afraid to say, "The deal's off - cancel my order".

And what kind of "deal" did you walk away with? You shelled out $2450 (after shipping, USA model, and insurance) for a grey market camera and lens, with no manufacturer's warranty, a (most likely) counterfeit or non-OEM battery, memory card, and a pile of worthless junk (lens cleaning kit, LCD protectors, etc.). You could have bought that camera and lens at B&H, Beach, or Amazon for the same amount (or less), and gotten a full manufacturer's warranty on the camera and lens, an OEM battery and accessories.

Now you've linked this site to timetoenvy's feedback profile:

"Follow-up by sbauhan (Mar-08-08 08:56):
Awful, go to forums.steves-digicams.com/forums/"

Why? So that you could use this forum as a weapon to punish t2e?

I wish you luck with your college studies and with your upcoming wedding. I hope your camera lasts long enough to get some good honeymoon pictures...I think the warranty will have expired by the time the weddings bells chime...but I have a feeling you wouldn't have the nerve to send your camera back to t2e for warranty work anyway - he might want more money.

The Hun
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Old Mar 10, 2008, 10:58 AM   #10
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Why don't you just do a charge back on your credit card and send all the products back with delivery confirmation? This is what I plan to do if my Canon 40D isn't a US model. I ordered from time2envy a little over a week ago and should get my camera tomorrow.

Also, if the auction states you bought a US model, make a claim through paypal and they protect you up to $2,000, I think. I'll have to read up on it, but last time I used this rout, Paypal just took the money I paid to the seller and put it back in my account. It is a process and takes about a month. None-the-less, you get your money back.

Someone please reply with some useful information so we can resolve these issues.


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